EP 034 | The Show House with Sarah Kidder

November 15, 2017

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About this Episode

It’s an honor to be chosen as a designer for a prestigious show house or a charity auction house project. Still, before you say yes, weigh the pros and cons of participation.

In this episode we learn:
– some of the challenges of working on team projects
– why setting an intention can get you better results
– why it’s important to evaluate your contribution—financial and otherwise


Take Aways

Sarah recommends stretching yourself by taking on a show house or charity house when the opportunity arises. Even if you are a little nervous and having done it before.

Kimberley recommends that you set an intention before you agree to appear at a home show or tackling a show house.

Take a Virtual Tour of the CHEO Dream Home 2017.


Sarah’s tips for getting ahead:

  1. When opportunity knocks, say yes. It’s ok to be scared. Do it anyway. You’ll grow into the new area if you take risks.
  2. When you meet a new client and they ask about fees, state them confidently by looking that person right in the eyes. Don’t waver. Don’t blink. Let them know you are worth it. Even if others go for free or charge less, you don’t! You are telling them your value and your value is not zero.

Sarah Kidder always strives to give her clients truly unique, customized spaces.  She is known for her rare ability to work within any design style, and her brave use of colour, pattern, and texture.

With over 13 years experience in the Ottawa design industry, Sarah has worked on countless residential, small commercial, and corporate projects, giving each one an original look reflective of those living, or working, in the space.

Sarah, a formally trained decorator, is a 7-times consecutive winner of the HomeStars “Best Of” Award, an award based on stellar customer service.  Most recently, her designs have won 3 NKBA Design Excellence Awards.

Working within a team of trusted contractors, tradespeople, and suppliers, Sarah is able to offer her clients exclusive products, personalized service, and most importantly, a low-stress, fun-filled design experience.


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