Some challenges are so unique that only personal mentoring can help you break through. Available to Business of Design members only, Kimberley Seldon offers coaching for designers at every stage of business growth. Whether your challenge is your career, your business, a project, trade or client relationships, money or work/life balance, you don’t need to handle it alone.



Having an experienced advisor in her corner was a key to Kimberley Seldon’s success story, and now she can be the same for you. Available hourly or in cost-effective 3, 6 and 12 month coaching packages, Kimberley can be beside you every step of the way as you build the business and life you want.


On-the-job professional development is one of the most valuable benefits you can give yourself. Book Kimberley to motivate your group and raise their game with sales training, dedicated workshops, engaging seminars, and sparkling lunch-and-learn presentations based on her popular conference keynotes.  

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