Great athletes, actors and executives rely on great coaching to get them to the top of their fields and stay there. For the interior design professional, Kimberley Seldon is unrivalled as the industry’s most powerful and effective coach. Her first-hand experience and direct approach will propel you to the next level—fast. Whether you’re struggling with a particular client, longing for more profitability or stuck in a tough situation with trades or staff, Kimberley’s coaching will fast-track you towards immediate results.


Kimberley On Call (1-hour)

Need immediate advice for a situation that’s happening right now? Or, are you looking for sage counsel from a pro-in-the-know on an on-going issue? Or, are you thinking of long-term coaching and want to take a test run? Kimberley on Call is the perfect solution for the designer seeking instant access.

Private Business Coaching with Kimberley

If you’re serious about growth and transformation, then it’s time to put an experienced business advisor on your team. Unlike traditional coaching, which can take years to produce tangible results, Kimberley Seldon and Business of Design produce immediate results—you’ll implement proven strategies from the first day of coaching. No corner of your business will be left to languish.

Private Group Coaching with Kimberley

You’ve heard Kimberley speak, you’ve read the books, and become a member of Business of Design. Now you’re convinced you need to implement everything you’ve learned, but it’s overwhelming. Where do you start? Or, once started, what if you’re stalled? Sometimes all you need is focused guidance and support. That’s where group coaching comes in.

Sales and Design Consultation Training

Want to close more deals and book consultations more quickly? We are delighted to offer Professional Sales and Design Consultation Training. Our 1-hour phone training session will improve your sales pitch and help you turn potential clients into paying customers.

PREMIUM Member Group Coaching | July 24

You are not alone. As a PREMIUM Member of Business of Design™, you have access to Kimberley as your mentor and coach. Use these invaluable monthly group coaching sessions to clarify your understanding of systems, build your confidence to implement new policies and get your real life project issues resolved. Registration for the next session is open.

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