Business of Design™ is the one and only resource of its kind–offering specific instruction to assist design professionals in running more mature, more profitable businesses that satisfy customers more frequently.
Integrated marketing programs with Business of Design™ connect your brand with a dedicated audience of design professionals using the BOD™ systems and strategies to influencers in social media communications and national public relations.
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Kimberley Seldon has built a community of interior design professionals (decorators, stagers, designers, architects, landscapers, organizers) that gather in real time, anytime for professional development, community support and expert knowledge on everything from project management and building an A Team to profitability and client satisfaction.

Business of Design® provides the systems and procedures our industry needs to eliminate chaos and streamline the interior design process.

“As a sponsor, it’s icing on the cake to be proud of what you’re supporting. We are so happy to be a part of what you’re doing on the BOD™ podcast.”


“I cannot thank you enough for helping bring us together through Business of Design™. We are all stronger business entrepreneurs because of BOD™.”

“I am so impressed with all that you’ve done in our industry! I so wish I had a BOD™ when I was first starting. Would have changed everything!”


“One of my best designer clients suggested the BOD™ Podcast to help us understand the needs of our designer clientele. When I listened to EP 019 | Successful Vendor Relationships, I nearly cried. It was the first time I have ever heard these words spoken from the design trade. As upholsterers, we often work in a vacuum and wonder our experience is universal or just unique to us. Thank you!”


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