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Business of Design® is committed to providing affordable programming, reliable systems and the world’s best business training and coaching community for design professionals. Through BOD™ Membership, you will learn the systems, strategies and protocols you need to run a successful, highly profitable design business.


“I am so in love with the Business of Design! You are changing my life and my business. I am working so hard to get all the steps in place and improve everything I do.”

Jody, Sydney, Australia


“Thank you! I just started BOD™ and can’t get enough. I could spend forever on here – there is so much to learn and it’s all SO accessible and easy to apply and understand.”

Jenny Neilson – Perth, Ontario


“I spent the first weekend I joined going over the BOD™15. I implemented them in my first project after, and never looked back. My business will double this year, at least.”

Pamela, Agoura Hills, CA


“I am so impressed with all that you’ve done in our industry! I so wish I had a BOD™ when I was first starting. Would have changed everything!”

Laura Martin Bovard, Oakland, California


BOD™ 15 Step Project Management Strategy

Talent and hard work aren’t enough to succeed in this industry. The only way to thrive is to follow a systematic, linear process to run projects from consultation to completion. There are many imitators, but Business of Design® is the world’s only field-tested, proven, project management system for interior design professionals, like you.

Guarantee projects on time and on budget.

BOD™ Build a Better Business

If it feels like you missed a class in design school, you are not alone. Even with the best education for designers the systems, procedures, protocols, and strategies you need to be a successful were not on the curriculum. Until now. BOD™ will teach you to run a successful business that fuels the lifestyle you deserve and desire. Start where you are—whether you’re new to the industry or you’re in your third decade.

Build your business. Better.

BOD™ Vision, Values, Mission

For a business to thrive, it must be built on a solid foundation. In this program, we will show you an exact blueprint for setting intentions, taking action, and establishing a corporate vision to share with clients, staff and trades. It’s time to transform the present into the future you deserve and desire.

BOD™ Pricing Model

You have talent and drive, but it’s impossible to keep the passion alive and be truly creative if you are struggling to earn a living.  BOD™ provides you with a multi-tiered revenue system that attracts better clients and helps you to do your best work each and every time.

As a business owner, you have an obligation to be profitable.

BOD™ Getting Paid

Getting paid for your expertise and the work you perform on behalf of your interior design clients doesn’t have to be difficult. No more negotiating or haggling over fees, no more cash flow issues, no more chasing clients for money.

Eliminate cash flow issues and never chase clients for money again.

BOD™ Money Mindset, Expertise, Value

At Business of Design®, we spend a lot of time talking about money. It’s not because money is the only thing that matters to us. Not at all. However, a business that isn’t profitable is doomed. To run a successful interior design business (the one you dreamed of owning when you started out), you must gain mastery over money.

BOD™ Salary, Revenue, Profit, Wealth

Sustained profitability and financial health are the result of disciplined planning, strategy, systems and boundaries—all working in tandem. Starting right now, you’ll run a more profitable business and be able to plan for the financial future you deserve and desire. In this program, we’ll define four distinct methods of financial gain—salary, revenue, profit, and wealth—and review financial strategies to help you run a profitable business.

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