80% Business + 20% Creative = Project Success

You’ve got the creative part, the 20%, all figured out. Business of Design™ training takes care of the remaining 80%, giving you the systems, strategies and protocols you need to be successful beyond your wildest dreams.

Business of Design™ offers solutions to the challenges you face on each and every project. Choose the program that meets your needs, today. There’s no time to lose.


BOD™ 15 Step Project Management Strategy

Talent and hard work aren’t enough to succeed in this industry. The only way to thrive is to follow a systematic, linear process to run projects from consultation to completion. Sure, there are imitators, but Business of Design™ is the world’s only field-tested, proven, project management system for interior design professionals, like you.

Liberate your talent. Succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Love your work, again. 


“I spent the first weekend I joined going over the BOD™15. I implemented them in my first project after, and never looked back. My business will double this year, at least.”

Pamela, Agoura Hills, CA

Business of Design™ programs provide the answers to your most pressing business challenges.

BOD™ Build a Better Business

If it feels like you missed a class in design school, you are not alone. Even with the best education money can buy, the systems, procedures, protocols, and strategies you need to be a successful were not on the curriculum. Until now.

BOD™ will show you exactly how to run a successful business that fuels the lifestyle you deserve and desire. Start where you are—whether you’re new to the industry or you’re in your third decade. There’s no better time.

Build your business. Better.

BOD™ Blueprint

For a business to thrive, it must be built on a solid foundation. With the Blueprint program, we will show you an exact process for setting intentions, taking action, and establishing a corporate vision to share with clients, staff and trades. 

It’s time to transform the present into the future you deserve and desire.

BOD™ Pricing Model

You have talent and drive, but it’s impossible to keep the passion alive and be truly creative if you are struggling to earn a living. BOD™ provides you with a multi-tiered revenue system that attracts better clients and allows you to do your best work, each and every time.

As a business owner, you have an obligation to be profitable, you have an obligation to succeed. What are you waiting for?

BOD™ Getting Paid

Getting paid for your expertise and the work you perform on behalf of your interior design clients doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re exhausted from negotiating rates or haggling over fees, or justifying costs, or chasing clients for money, you literally can’t afford to wait.

With a better strategy, you can increase profitability and begin to grow independent wealth.

BOD™ Boss Mindset

You want to do your best work on each and every project. You want happy clients who turn into brand ambassadors. You want trades and contractors to work as a cohesive whole, where everyone wins. You can have it all, provided you are willing to step out from the shadows and take the lead on projects.

Clients want to rely on your talent and judgement to help them realize their vision. You are the expert. You are the prize. Take control of your projects and your future.

BOD™ Profitability

It’s possible to generate profitability and build independent wealth, while consistently satisfying clients and earning a reputation as an industry leader. Motivating you to earn more and be profitable is part of our mission at Business of Design™. Learn how to increase income, expand profit margins and target specific projects to meet all your financial needs.

There’s more to financial health than checking your bank balance.

BOD™ 30-Day Build

$79 USD

30-day term

You are new to BOD™ and want to build a powerful foundation for a process-driven business that generates happier clients, increased profit and true satisfaction.


BOD™ PROGRAM | Build a Better Business

COURSE | Start Where You Are

COURSE | Fees and Billing Practices

COURSE | Ideal Client

COURSE | Better Systems


4 Courses, 4 Weeks, Immediate Results



Take the first step towards
BOD™ Professional Certification

STEP 1 | Consultation | Project Review


*Purchase BOD™ Membership at any time.


$6000 USD

3-year term

By Application Only

BOD™ BOSS Groups are composed of like-minded, interior design professionals, like you, who are eager for greater success. Your new, curated BOD™ BOSS Group will follow a strategic path to growth; sharing collective wisdom, providing accountability, measuring key metrics and achieving your business and life goals.


BOD™ BOSS Group Members

Semi-Annual In-Person Meetings

Structured Goal Setting & Accountability

Profit and Loss Analysis

Earning & Retained Earning Targets

Peer-to-Peer Support

Legacy and Succession Planning



Insights and strategies from the collective wisdom of Team BOD™

Financial guidance from the BOD™ CFO


*Must be BOD™ Certified or a BOD™ Legacy Member to participate.