EP 054 | Eco-Marketing with Natalie Norcross

April 3, 2018

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About this Episode

Targeting your ideal client is the best way to grow your business. How you do that efficiently when you are an independent design professional is the focus of today’s episode.

In this episode we learn:
– what is eco-marketing
– five steps to grow your social media following
– widening your base means reaching out to peers you don’t know
– creating an editorial calendar can provide focus and direction
– how many times should you be posting and to what


Take Aways

Natalie recommends, finding out which publications her target market reads and aim for special interest that is not necessarily interior design related. For example, perhaps they all read the LA times or the New Orleans Picayune. Focus on getting published there. Consider golf magazines or travel magazines like Departures.

Five steps to grow your social media following:

  1. Create a content (editorial) calendar.
  2. Develop a posting schedule, with specifics.
  3. Post professional photos frequently.
  4. Post images that are light, crisp and bright for better traction.
  5. Engage frequently with your audience.

Download Natalie’s Friendly Email Marketing Calendar to get you started today!


Design Intervention

To create a marketing eco-system ask yourself some questions:

  • Where are you marketing?
  • How many times are you posting?
  • What monthly theme makes sense for my business?
  • What content will you create and what content will you outsource?

Align yourself with custom home builders or architects. Share some of the photos they post with your audience and mention them in the post.  Add time in your weekly calendar to build relationships with complementary businesses.


Natalie Norcross is a highly creative, innovative, entrepreneurial and accomplished CEO of A Design Partnership with extensive experience in marketing, branding, internet marketing techniques, as well as digital, social and email marketing campaigns. With over 16 years of work experience in marketing for Interior Design, Architecture, Builder, Developer, Hotel and Home Brands she has a demonstrated track record of driving substantial growth.

Natalie is an Official Member of Forbes Agency Council as well as a regular speaker and panelist in both the marketing and design industries.


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