EP 151 | Attracting Clients through Social Media with Kate the Socialite

February 10, 2020

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About this Episode

Time spent on social media, provided there’s a targeted sales method in place, can attract ideal clients who want to buy the services you provide. In this episode, we learn a simple strategy for growing and maintaining a sales funnel that gets results.

In this episode we learn:

  • a simple plan for getting traction on social media
  • a step by step process for creating a sales funnel
  • what a lead magnet can do
  • the power of the niche
  • what modern newsletters should look like


Design Intervention

If you’re trying to serve anyone, you’re marketing to no one—via Marie Forleo.


Kate the Socialite runs a marketing agency for interior designers and specializes in creating simple, effective sales funnels. As a result, her clients become less reliant on the social media rat race and develop sustainable marketing practices that truly work without causing them extra stress. Socialite is the perfect solution for interior designers who want high level, practical and tactical ways to grow their businesses. Learn more at www.socialitevault.com or www.katethesocialite.com

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