EP 217 | Friendly Advice for Emerging Designers with Annie Elliott

April 13, 2021

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As a seasoned designer, how can we best support, encourage and inspire the emerging design professionals coming up behind us? Interior Designer and BOD™ member, Annie Elliot says it’s important to have a framework (like Business of Design®) thank you. And make sure newbies know the fundamentals, so they’ll succeed faster.

In this episode we learn:

  • start with a framework (BOD™ works!)
  • pay yourself first and build the business model around taking a salary
  • be honest with prospective clients; ask for more money if that’s what
  • you need
  • setting parameters doesn’t scare clients away as frequently as it motivates them
  • set a minimum with your first job out of the gate, you’ll succeed faster
  • don’t reinvent the wheel—just follow a process that works

Design Intervention

Talk about money with clients early and often.

About Annie Elliott

Annie is a recovering art historian who developed her eye and aesthetic sensibilities studying 20th-century art and working in some of the nation’s top museums.

In 2004, armed with a master’s degree in art history, interior design coursework at the Corcoran College of Art + Design (now part of GW University), and incredible naiveté, Annie opened “bossy color.” Today, the homes created by Annie Elliott Design feature a distinctive, exuberant mix of antiques, art, and modern furnishings.

Annie is an Associate Member of ASID, and her design work and insights have appeared in HGTV Magazine, This Old House, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Washingtonian, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications.


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