EP 229 | Buy Once, Buy Well with Shelley Boyd, Hosted by Jodie Carter

July 6, 2021

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Building relationships with your suppliers is key as the support and expertise they can provide you with is invaluable. Understanding high-end artisan furniture allows you to educate clients on where it comes from, how it is made, and the benefits of buying hand crafted quality goods (verses the readily available alternatives).

Australian interior design and BOD™ Member, Jodie Carter, takes over the podcast to interview one of her go to suppliers, Shelley Boyd of Boyd Blue, to gain a deeper understand of the global story behind the luxury furniture her clients love.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • To buy once and buy well
  • The impact of cheap throwaway furniture on the environment
  • How to build relationships with your suppliers of bespoke furniture
  • To teach clients the benefits of slowing down and waiting for the right pieces of furniture
  • To invest where you have weaknesses
  • Measure results; know that what you are investing time and money in is working.
  • One of the best investments in your own business are the people
  • Suppliers are your partners, use their expertise

Design Intervention

Practice being kind to yourself in order to manage burnout, stress, and mental health. Take time out for yourself when you need it and make sure you ask for help.

Always celebrate the little wins.

About Jodie Carter

Interior Design is my passion project, after 18 years working in my own business and servicing clients all over Sydney in amazing renovation and design build projects. There is nothing I love more than seeing how happy my clients are living in their new homes. Everything just works, it looks beautiful and they are so proud to show off to friends and family. I can’t imagine ever doing anything else. Interior Design is an incredibly complex job, and I’m proud to call myself a Designer.


About Shelley Boyd

Since she can remember, Shelley Boyd has always been passionate about interiors, textiles and design. She recalls saving her pennies to buy her first sewing machines at just eight years of age.

With a desire to bring beautiful textiles to Australia, Shelley first started selling fabric to designers out of the boot of her car in 1999. From these humble beginnings, she built Boyd Blue to be a nation-wide industry leader, servicing a niche interior design market with a striking and exclusive product range.

Inspired by her love of textiles, innate curiosity of the handmade and inspiration from travels across the globe, Shelley is constantly on the hunt for pieces to add to new collections. With a focus on nature, scale, texture and finish, Shelley loves incorporating luxe natural materials like linen, cashmere, mohair, alpaca, stone and bronze into her collections.


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