EP 231 | Trust the BOD™ Process with Joylene Agbamuche

July 20, 2021

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Ready to be inspired? Nigerian designer and new Business of Design® member, Joylene Agbamuche, transformed her flagging confidence into an unshakeable foundation for success—in less than one year’s time. Her journey could be your journey.

In this episode we learn:

  • charging for the consultation gets you better clients and more projects
  • STEP 4 is tedious, but invaluable
  • recognize the value in what you offer so you can charge your worth
  • following the process means eliminating needless mistakes



Put a high value on yourself and the talent and expertise you bring to projects, and clients will too.

About Joylene Agbamuche

Joylene Agbamuche is the design director and CEO Homafez interior design, a wellness based interior design firm based in Lagos, Nigeria that was rated by GraAfrica as one of the top 10 interior design firms in Nigeria.

She specializes in designing simple and stylish living spaces that gives pure joy, beauty and inspiration to her clients.


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