EP 323 | Design Adjacent with Michelle and Brandon Burbidge

May 9, 2023

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There are so many interesting industries that are adjacent to and compatible with the work we do as design professionals. In this episode, married partners Michelle and Brandon Burbidge share how they added a lighting manufacturing company to their already thriving design businesses.

In this episode we learn:

  • custom lighting is not much more expensive than off the shelf fixtures
  • having all her systems in place landed her the best job ever
  • no matter the business, you have to have process
  • doing more custom will level up your game as a designer
  • be aware that something can look the same, but be made of inferior materials



There’s always something to learn. Michelle

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About Michelle Burbidge

Michelle Burbidge is the owner and principal designer at M. Burbidge & Co.  Michelle is known for bringing a fresh eye and a storied look to high end custom homes and distinctive commercial projects.  She believes all design decisions should be made with conviction, keeping quality and longevity in mind.  Michelle creates rooms that live just as beautiful as they look and always reflect the lifestyle and personality of her clients.

Custom lighting with personality has become a passion and essential element of all of Michelle’s designs.  Her expertise in lighting design has led to a collaboration with Ciana. In 2022, Michelle joined Wohali, an exclusive golf resort community in Utah.  As the principal designer at Wohali, she will lead the design of 500+ homes, restaurants, spas, and amenity buildings.



Instagram |  @mburbidgeco  @cianalighting

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