BOD™ LIVE | Member Meetings

If you’re serious about transforming your business by implementing the systems and procedures you learn about through Business of Design®, our monthly BOD™ Live meetings will help keep you motivated, accountable, and in good company. Come prepared with your questions, and be ready to offer experience, expertise and support to your fellow members.

To participate in BOD™ LIVE meetings, you must be a BOD™ Member.

Key Financial Aspects if the Economy takes a Downturn

In light of the changing economy, Business of Design® presents a 2-hour webinar featuring Julia Nikishina of New Age Financial Consulting LLC, hosted by Kimberley Seldon. We'll look at the key financial aspects to consider and plan for in the event the economy takes a downtown.

LAS VEGAS MARKET | Recession Proof your Business

For the past few years, most design professionals have been riding high on economic tailwinds, powered by the Covid pandemic and our clients' desires to improve their living spaces. While none of us has a crystal ball, it's a good bet the economy will change and those tailwinds will become headwinds. Being prepared for that moment is essential for the business owner who intends to not only survive the changing economy, but continue to thrive. 

BOD™ 15 2-Day Intensive (3 Locations!)


An intensive 2-day seminar where interior design professionals learn specific, detailed systems, protocols, and strategies to successfully run projects, improve profitability and satisfy clients.