BOD™ LIVE | Your Dream Team

With multiple projects on the go and too few hours in the day, you may have found yourself dreaming of that first hire. Or, perhaps you’ve hired before and it didn’t go as planned. 🤦‍♀️

This month BOD™ member and interior designer Laura Martin Bovard answers the question: Is it possible to build a dream team and keep your sanity?

BOD™ LIVE | Group Coaching

Back by popular demand, we'll be doing an open group coaching session in May. Come prepared with your questions, and ready to offer experience, expertise and support to your fellow members.

You are not alone. BOD™ Live meetings are therapy for your business and your life!

BOD™ Elite Retreat | Santa Monica 2022

We're feeling optimistic about the year ahead, so let's get a date on the calendar!

Step out of the daily grind, gain a new perspective, grow your business and connect with your community of peers.

BOD™ Elite Retreat Santa Monica emphasizes learning, and will also feed your soul with home tours, design lessons and experience-sharing—resulting in a new way of thinking and renewed enthusiasm for your business and your life.