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You are ready to implement a field-tested process to systematically run your design projects from start to finish. Success is not an accident, it’s a strategy.

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  • BOD™ 15 Step Project Management Strategy
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  • Over 100 hours of video training
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Can honestly say it’s been a game-changer.

Alex Gourlay - Australia

When I heard Kimberley was launching a podcast I was so excited! I have been a member on Business of Design™ for about 6 months and I can honestly say it’s been a game-changer in terms of how I think about my business and myself as a business owner. The podcast is awesome to re-affirm everything she teaches on Business of Design™ and also gives another perspective. The only thing I would change about them is to make them more frequent – once a week isn’t enough! Thank you Kimberley and the BOD team for helping me make so many changes in my business and have more confidence as a business owner.

Changing my life as it changes my business.

Andre Kleynhans - South Africa

In our country, Kimberley is the name of a diamond mine. How appropriate. I have become a huge fan of Business of Design™ in no time at all and little by little it is changing my life as it changes my business.

Great resource, highly recommended!

Leita Edwards - Vancouver BC

All those questions you can’t find a good answer for are here, and I’ve even learned solutions for things I didn’t realize could be solved. Great resource, highly recommended! Much thanks to Kimberly and the team!

There is no theory here.

BOD™ systems and strategies are field-tested by thousands of designers around the world.

Take control of your business.