EP 017 | The Whole Home Approach with Carson Arthur

July 17, 2017

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About this Episode

Sure, most of us approach our projects thinking about interior spaces. But, it’s worth considering exterior spaces too. It’s a great way to provide your clients with more value, making you a one-stop service provider.

Landscape designer and HGTV personality Carson Arthur shares his advice on how to include landscape design as part of the service you offer.

In this episode we learn:
– there are specific things you can do with landscaping that will immediately improve the resell value of a home
– how to identify different client types based on demographics
– ways to increase living space by looking outdoors
– project management tips from the world of landscaping


Take Aways

Increase the value of your home (or your clients’ home) with these tips:

  1. Add a mature tree in the front yard and increase your home’s resell value by as much as 3%.
  2. Aim for low-maintenance planting to attract buyers who don’t want to be strapped to constant gardening.
  3. Improving curb appeal can result in resale value increases of up to 8%.

Want to be on TV? Carson suggests going straight to web. Produce your own show on YouTube and grow your audience that way.

Carson Arthur is an internationally recognized landscape designer with a focus on meeting homeowner’s needs while creating environmentally friendly designs. Throughout his 15-year television career, Carson teaches homeowners how to raise the value of their homes through outdoor renovations. He is part of the Cityline team; writes a column for the Halifax Chronicle Herald and the Sun media group including the Toronto Sun about outdoor design and appears regularly in a variety of magazines with guest articles. He is the North America outdoor design editor for Outdoor Lifestyle magazine; the outdoor expert for Terra Greenhouses; Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate; and the author of the sold-out book Garden Designs for Outdoor Living with a new book scheduled to hit the shelves spring 2018. His credits include; the host of HGTV’s Green Force and Critical Listing; the Gemini nominated Room to Grow on Global, ION and the Discovery network; Better Home’s and Garden’s Home, First Home on the Hallmark Channel in the U.S.; and the gardening expert on HGTV’s blockbuster; Home to Win and Home to Win 2. Currently, Carson’s programs can be seen on every continent in the world. www.carsonarthur.com

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