EP 016 | Do Over – The Transition to Design with Adam Scougall

July 11, 2017

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About this Episode

Adam Scougall is transitioning from the finance industry into interior design. Adam shares his insights as a business owner before introducing Business of Design™ strategies and then compares that to his experience after implementing the 15 steps.

In this episode we learn:
– how we keep ourselves in an unsuccessful loop, attracting the wrong clients
– why a turn key approach works best
– how pain is a powerful motivator
– there is no competition, success is available to all of us



Take Aways

Exercise: If you could step into a time machine and go back to the beginning of your career, what would you do differently? What would you put in place to make sure you succeed and thrive?

Once you have that answer, you have a clear goal for moving forward.

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Adam started his business in 2010, although it took about 2 years to get moving on some substantial projects. The last 7 years he’s held down a full-time position in finance. To be transparent, he’s still in that world and has been refining his business plan on how to transition into design, but it hasn’t been easy. To date he’s contracted out support for specific project as needed. Up until 18 months ago I had a full-time resource to manage the day to day. Since BOD I have learnt much about contracts, clear agreements and how these are critical in almost every agreement you have with a contractor. I have a ‘create my own redundancy’ plan to safe guard me for 12 months’ salary. Also marketing has never been more important. I tried leaving my job in 2014 but was not prepared. This is where BOD has taught me about systems. If I had had systems, contracts with contractors & a proper strategy and the right amount of finance things may have been different! Major BOD learnings From December 2016, I signed up and watching the video’s was a non-stop series of ‘OMG she is talking about me! Moments. All of the missteps, mistakes and most importantly solutions to do things differently were revealed to me. I have considered myself a BOD junkie for close to 5 months, as there was rarely a day I missed [or didn’t replay] a video. Major BOD learnings:
  • I now have a contract-clearly defined expectations & terms of agreement
  • I purchased the flat fee book and understand how to charge for that, but I also understand the per hour plus retainer option. Either way, I will be using a contact from here on in.
  • Consultation-have raised my rate from $220 to $500! Selling the experience with worksheets rather than a ‘meet & greet’. Hourly rate was $110, now it’s $180.
  • Billing for time. Deficiencies a big one!
  • Only ever offer a turnkey experience. I started this way then dropped the ball and paid for it. I did a year of ‘selling off’ design [i.e. client implemented themselves] and was rewarded with ZERO referrals. BOD helped me see quickly why!
It’s key to note that based on situation, I have never been able nor marketed for a major amount of design work, although my dream is to do this full time & take educated steps [with systems] to get there successfully. I’m 43 & still focused on achieving my dream, as tough as it sometimes seems. My consultation number is as low as 2 per month. Unlike a regular 9-5pm business model, I work weekends to allow for this, or take time off work to consult and design. This is the truth of where I am at, at this point.

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