EP 032 | Profit Through Margins Not Markups with Veronica Solomon

November 1, 2017

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About this Episode

Markup. It’s such a dirty word, and yet we need the income that comes from that revenue stream. In this podcast, we’ll share how we maximize our margins when purchasing products and trades.

In this episode we learn:
– a new language for dealing with the reality of markups
– specific strategies for pricing
– to increase profitability with decent margins on goods and labor
– how to hone your confidence as a business owner


Take Aways

Veronica’s entire business turned around when she tapped into her core confidence. She suggests role playing and even talking to yourself in front of the mirror to practice asking for money or reading your contract without flinching. It gets easier over time.

Veronica’s contract states:

Merchandise to be purchased by Client from Designer will be specified in a written “Furniture Proposal” prepared by Designer and submitted in each instance to Client for approval. Each proposal will describe the item and its specified price to Client. The specified price of each item shall be the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) less thirty five percent (35%) of any discount that we receive, where the discount is greater than twenty (20%), plus any applicable delivery, insurance, handling charges and sales tax. We cannot guarantee the lowest prices for the same products, neither are we obligated to research the lowest prices or price match sales, markdowns or discounts available elsewhere. We make every attempt to provide you with the best pricing based on our costs. No item can be ordered by Designer until the Proposal has been approved by Client, in writing, and returned to Designer with the required initial payment as set forth in the Proposal. The required deposit is equal to seventy five percent (75%) of total budget. The balance of the Specified Price, together with delivery and insurance charges and applicable taxes, is payable when the item is ready for delivery to and/or installation at project site, or to a third-party for further work upon rendition of our invoice.  Proposals for fabrics, wallpaper, accessories, antiques and items purchased at retail stores require full payment at time of signed Proposal, and are subject to an additional $50 per hour in design fees for the procurement and project management phase. Proposals that have been approved by Client in writing are non-cancelable unless stated otherwise or agreed to in writing by Designer.

An example of how Veronica calculates:

Sofa MSRP is                          $1200
Designer Net Cost                 $  500
Designer Discount                 $  700
65% of Discount of $700      $  455
35% of Discount amount      $  245

Cost to Client – Net Cost plus 65% of discount $500 + $455 = $955

Client pays $955 for sofa and saves $245.

Designer makes $455


Veronica Solomon is an award-winning interior designer whose work has been featured in numerous publications including The ASID Texas Gulf Coast Chapter magazine, Houston House & Home magazine, Katy magazine, and national blogs such as Apartment Therapy. She has been named as one of The Top Ten Emerging Designers To Watch By Black Interior Designers Network. She has established herself as one of Katy/West Houston's most highly acclaimed interior designers and lifestyle experts. She has created unique and memorable interiors for a wide variety of residential, homebuilding and commercial clients over her 10-year career. She is the region’s only designer who practices the art of creating luxurious and fresh, yet practical interiors for a busy family to live in and enjoy. Veronica provides her clients with distinctive, cutting-edge furnishings that are not readily available at retail stores. www.casavilorainteriors.com

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