EP 046 | Increasing Visibility with Rachel Moriarty

February 5, 2018

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About this Episode

We see you. Hiding there in plain sight. Step out in front of the spotlight says designer Rachel Moriarty. She’s got tips to immediately improve your visibility on line and in front of potential clients.

In this episode we learn:
– key to success is being authentic enough to attract those clients who will love working with you
– how to develop Know Love Trust with potential clients
– start talking, live videos will get you an immediate audience
– why investing in yourself can pay off big


Take Aways

8 Tips That You Can Use to Intentionally Grow Your Online Presence
  1. Set your Visibility Intention. Establish a “Know, Like, Trust Factor” with your audience and you will land more ideal clients and be open to unexpected opportunities and income streams.
  2. Live Video / Video. Use video as tool to welcome clients, create Before + After Videos and client testimonials. Rachel has a daily livestream show on FB called “Rachel’s Daily Riffs” where she uses live video to connect with her audience and showcase her expertise.
  3. Share your projects on social media. Humble bragging is an essential part of growing your business.
  4. Share “behind the scenes”. Instagram Stories are a great way to do that and it takes only seconds to create them. Share what you’re working on, inside designer showrooms, wholesale flower markets, installation days, office scenes, bits on personal life, flea market trips, food, coffee, beach, home.
  5. Get Social on Social. Don’t just drop your post and run—engage with your followers and you will build genuine connections.
  6. Blog. Get into the story of projects and show the before, in progress and after photos. Talk trends, colors and market finds.
  7. Track your analytics. Use a tool like google analytics to tell you where your website traffic comes from and put most of your energy into that resource.
  8. Take it offline. Take it back to the basics from time to time. While many connect online, in-person networking is invaluable for deepening those connections. Attend networking events, conduct in-person workshops and speaking engagements.



Rachel’s advice:

  1. Invest in you. Find a coach or program that fills a gap in your expertise and embrace it. Ask your peers what’s worthwhile and what isn’t.


Rachel Moriarty is a leading home style expert, author, speaker, design blogger and cohost of the popular Design+Style podcast. She is an award winning designer with more than 13 years of experience redesigning the houses, vacation and investment homes of successful professionals in and around San Diego County and nationwide via her online services. Her work as a photo stylist has been published in several fashion and home décor catalogs. Rachel is involved in every aspect of the design process from the initial concept to the final installation. Her specialty is elevating spaces by incorporating her clients existing furnishings and is known for her attention to detail and her outstanding customer service. ​ “I love visioning and implementing the full design, my clients are busy professionals and I help lighten their load.” www.designandstylepodcast.com  

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