EP 052 | Blank Walls Are Scary with Katharine Earnhardt

March 19, 2018

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About this Episode

A space isn’t finished until it’s ready to photograph, right? But photography can’t happen if you are looking at a room full of gorgeous furniture and blank walls. Since buying art can be intimidating—not just for your clients, but also for you as the design professional, we turn to expert art advisor Katharine Earnhardt for tips on how to make the whole process successful and enjoyable.

In this episode we learn:
– why art is important
– the emotional benefit to clients when art is in place
– how artwork completes the space and increases revenue
– how emerging artists can meet clients’ budgets
– better ways to discuss art with clients
– ways to use a client’s own artwork when it isn’t right for the key areas


Take Aways

Why is art important in a space (for interior designers)? 

  1. Art finishes a space.
  2. Finished spaces can be photographed.
  3. Art sourcing expands your scope of work.
  4. Expanded scope increases your revenue.
  5. Art is one of the best ways to showcase a client’s taste.

Kimberley recommends: An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin.

Three years ago, Katharine founded Mason Lane because blank walls aren’t fun and buying art is tough. She has a background in art and business, a love for design, and a solid track record for effectively servicing clients. Through experiences at institutions like MoMA and Christie’s she learned that being creative, practical, transparent, and dedicated go a LONG way.  The real-life education these positions provided in art, business, and strategy were the perfect complement to her art history and economics studies at Williams College, and an Art Business Masters from Sotheby’s Institute. Katharine considers herself lucky to put this all together in one package, helping clients style their walls through Mason Lane. Katharine lives in Brooklyn with her Southern-transplant husband and their two girls, and a cat named Baci. www.masonlaneart.com www.instagram.com/masonlane_art @masonlane_art

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