EP 058 | Incremental Growth with Sabrina Colosimo

April 30, 2018

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About this Episode

Layered, methodical growth is the most effective way to increase and enhance your business. Building your A team, finding efficiencies, learning to delegate and knowing when to let go are all part of the process of incremental growth.

In this episode we learn:
– to set time aside time for strategy and planning
– take time off from the business to change your perspective
– create a culture of inspiration for the team and an open feedback loop
– when is it time to grow


Take Aways

Figure out what you suck at most, and hire someone to do that!


Design Intervention

Surround yourself with other like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners. Use the Business of Design™ community as your personal support group.

Sabrina Colosimo is an entrepreneur who leads a 2nd generation small business, Peel Tile, in its 42nd year, as a boutique retail store & project management company. Peel Tile sells luxury brands for floors, bathrooms and kitchens, including tiles, vanities, faucets, tubs and showers. Their team designs and installs. Sabrina’s recent focus has been on her line of custom products including cabinetry, countertops, glass and mirror. Sabrina has 15 years of experience in the home design and renovation industry, with prominence in buying and marketing. She has taken her father’s business from a functional tile and flooring store and turned it into a true fashion business. Working alongside her father, Albert Colosimo, they create a one-stop-shop for dreamers, home builders, designers, contractors, DIY-ers and anyone who loves all things House-beautiful! Sabrina runs social media, leads the sales team, markets the showroom and runs the operations. Her favourite parts of the day are the times she spends with vendors searching for the next great product or product segment that her clients will love. Sabrina studied philosophy at the University of Western Ontario and believes that to be the catalyst for her continual pursuit of “why”, as it relates to her business decisions. She constantly strives to change, re-invent, grow, and learn in her small business. She is always looking to create better systems, and layers of infrastructure, to maximize efficiency and create a more positive shopping experience for clients.

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