EP 057 | Talent Isn’t Enough with Steven Gurowitz

April 23, 2018

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About this Episode

Schooling offers only a small percentage of what is needed to succeed in business. The rest is on the job training. And talent, does not equal success. Instead, you’ll need to rely on structure (systems and procedures) to make it in business.

In this episode we learn:
– working for someone else is a great way to learn your craft
– a home office is a viable way to get started as an owner, and it is not a reason for charging a low fee
– talent does not equal success
– to be successful you will need to live with rules and regulations
– you do not have to agree with your client, have an opinion



Consider role-playing to gain confidence in dealing with clients.


Design Intervention

Profit is not a dirty word!

Contracts. Regardless of what contract you have, you can still get sued.


Miami interior designer Steven Gurowitz started his own design firm, Interiors by Steven G., in the early 1980s. Since then he has turned the company into the one of the country's largest high end interior design companies in Miami, Florida firms. Steven works with a team of more than 80 highly-acclaimed interior designers, who use their expertise to turn their clients' dream homes into reality. The firm's clientele are some of America's elite, including CEOs, multimillionaires, professional athletes and many more. Interiors by Steven G. changes the meaning of "full service interior design."

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