EP 067 | It’s What’s Inside That Counts with Joanna Goodman

July 2, 2018

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About this Episode

We all know that good looks matter. But outside appearances never tell the whole story. With many items—sofas, chairs, pillows, bedding—what’s inside is equally important. In this episode we’ll talk about quality and value and building a better bed.

In this episode we learn:
– clients want good looking rooms, but they also want functionality, performance and value
– educating your clients about value is an ongoing job
– if your clients are asking for the “cheapest” bedding (or anything else) then
– never show clients too many options
– update a poor mattress with a feather bed


Take Aways

The Essential Bedding Handbook

The Home for Unwanted Girls


Design Intervention

Joanna Goodman loves how creative designers are, and how most of them are so decisive!  However, when the designer doesn’t have enough knowledge to describe the product, it’s important to let the supplier know ahead of time that they should lead the conversation in front of the client.  This way, everyone looks good.


Joanna is the owner of the Canadian linen company Au Lit Fine Linens in Toronto. Originally from Montreal, Au Lit Fine Linens was founded by Joanna’s mother, Peggy Byron, in the early eighties. Joanna now runs the operation with her husband, Miguel. She is a mother of two, and also the author of five novels, including the recent #1 national bestseller, The Home for Unwanted Girls.

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