EP 100 | Adam Scougall’s Journey to Full-Time Designer

February 18, 2019

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About this Episode

Sydney designer Adam Scougall did what so many budding designers have dreamed about—he made the transition from the corporate world into a full-time design career. Yay!! Adam shares his insights as a business owner before and after implementing Business of Design™ 15 Step Project Management Strategy™.

In this episode we learn:

  • how the right contract will get you the best clients
  • STEP 4 requires discipline, but it’s worth the effort
  • once you have a rule or protocol, stick to it
  • not billing for time spent (regardless of reason) will hurt you in the end
  • how to deal with styling when you can’t borrow items
  • who’s in charge when you’re not the project manager


Take Aways

Adam uses www.designdocs.com for his back-end software needs.


Design Intervention

Use Kimberley’s contract (make sure to verify it with a local lawyer first!) and read it to your client line by line. It will get you the job!


Adam Scougall is an interior designer who is passionate about creating beautifully unique homes. His fresh, eclectic and never predictable work has been featured in many national and International publications, including Home Beautiful, Real Living, Grand Designs Australia and Singapore's Metropolitan Home magazine. Since opening his design business in 2010, Adam has put his personal stamp on a wonderfully diverse list of residential projects. The end results are stunning interiors that celebrate his clients’ unique personalities and lifestyles. Adam studied design and decoration at Sydney’s International School of Colour and Design and holds over 17 years’ corporate management experience in the financial sector. It is this experience that has embedded his firm’s high standards of exceptional communication and service. www.adamscougall.com

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