EP 099 | Jamie Ivey’s Transition to Flat Fees

February 11, 2019

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About this Episode

It seems like everyone is switching from hourly fees to flat fees. Is it as easy as it sounds? Listen to Business of Design™ member Jamie Ivey, who recently made the switch.

In this episode we learn:

  • perils of working with a flat fee vs. an hourly fee
  • too many projects may mean you are charging too little money
  • there are some advantages to working in commercial vs. residential when it comes to flat fees
  • condo lobbies can be a perfect place to test out your flat fee skills
  • only doing consultations is a great career choice for people who want to avoid a project management role


Take Aways

Start with Volume 3: Win the Flat Fee Game.


Jamie is a late bloomer to the world of design. With a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, Jamie worked for over 7 years as an IT consultant and project manager for consulting firms in New York City and Washington DC. Though quite successful, her passion for design finally took over and she made the choice to change careers. After graduating with an interior design degree from Virginia Tech, Jamie and her husband relocated to Southern California and worked on local and international luxury hospitality and high-end multi-family projects. Jamie has now branched out on her own, creating Ivey Design Group, where she works on both commercial, multi-family, and high-end residential projects. She lives with her yacht designer husband, Trip and four-year-old son, Jack in Richmond, Virginia. www.iveydesigngroup.com

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