EP 136 | Hiring, Firing, and Performance Reviews with Aysun Kuck

October 28, 2019

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About this Episode

Although hiring, firing and performance reviews are rarely the stuff entrepreneurial dreams are made of, they are elements that come into play as your practice grows. Aysun Kuck has worked with Kimberley Seldon Design Group for more than 20 years, running an office that consisted of 13 designers plus support staff.

In this episode we learn:

  • a process for hiring is the surest way to get quality staff
  • candidates who do not follow the basic rules for the hiring process should be immediately disqualified from the process
  • firing is an inevitable part of the job
  • saying yes to every opportunity, without restrictions is not the best way to grow your brand


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For almost 20 years, Aysun Kuck has worked in the areas of promotion, coaching, media partnerships and client services with a number of interior design professionals across North America. She has been with Kimberley Seldon Design Group and Business of Design™ since 2003, currently as the Director of Promotion and Client Services. As a facilitator, instructor and speaker, she trains sales staff in both Canada and the U.S., coaching on excellence in customer service and closing the sale. Aysun worked for 10 years in Human Resources with one of Canada’s largest newspapers. She brings her experience and knowledge to companies who don’t require a full-time HR department – yet still need HR. She teaches proper procedures for hiring/firing, employee contracts, performance evaluations and progressive discipline. www.businessofdesign.com

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