EP 137 | Make It Magnetic with Valerie Foley

November 4, 2019

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About this Episode

Making your business magnetic is the surest way to attract clients, but it starts as an inside job. As a service industry provider, you are the business, so you have to be positive and enthusiastic for your clients while maintaining a clear and present channel for your own well being. Balance is a myth, but equilibrium is attainable, and very attractive.

In this episode we learn:

  • each of us determines how successful we want to be
  • your thoughts shape your destiny
  • consider a value proposition be if you understood homes are sacred
  • brand evangelists are your best opportunity for promotion


Design Intervention

Differentiation is a great way to attract clients. Be the expert in one area.


Take Aways

Simon Sinek Answer the why—why you do what you do is a story that is magnetic to potential clients.

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Valerie Foley is a Creative Shepherd, Idea Finder and Writer. Most of her career has been spent in advertising. She started out in New York City, went to the Martin Agency in Richmond, Virginia and has since performed as a Creative Director for award winning firms in Detroit. She loves helping clients profit and succeed in our crazy, upside-down, anything-goes, new marketing world. In fact, she led the creative swat team that produced $365 million in incremental revenue in one year for a Fortune 500 company. Valerie’s clients have included: JCPenney, UPS, Barely There Bras, Krylon, Owens Corning, AAA, Saab, The Kennedy Library and Museum, Penn Gaming, Smithfield Foods, GEICO, and others. She’s also won more than a few awards along the way, including – CA, Graphis, Kelly Awards, Caples, ECHOES, EFFIES, Richmond Show, the D Show, OBIES, One Show, and Cannes Shortlist. Valerie’s favorite starting point is with a beginner’s mind. Her passions include family, friends, beaches, meditation, fresh figs, dance, hair products and gong sessions. She’s also a closet poet. The goal, always: the best and fewest words in the best order. (Hmmm. “Always” should come out.)

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