EP 159 | BOD™ Business Alert – March 26, 2020 with Alexa Ralff

March 26, 2020

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About this Episode

Are you determined to survive the impending recession by fine-tuning your systems and procedures? Designer Alexa Ralff is. This busy and talented designer shares her insights and strategies for success now and in the future. Spoiler alert—it’s all about process.

In this episode we learn:

  • double down on your processes
  • reconnect with old clients by text or email
  • update existing clients with what’s next with your business
  • post photos of your office on insta to remind people you’re working
  • post photos of your favorite installs as a reminder of your fab work fab


Design Intervention

Don’t be afraid to raise the bar. Present the best options for the project, pause and then …. let your client decide. I used to not make selections even though they were the best, because I felt “bad” that the item was expensive. Now I present the best option period- sometimes it’s really expensive and that’s ok. It’s up to my client to decide. My projects are more beautiful because of it and 90% of the time they are so thrilled I brought them something that no one else has.


Alexa Ralff returned to school to study interior design when her daughter, now 14, was four years old. She finished school, and in her words, “accidentally started a business—AHR designs”.  She’s officially been in business since 2012.  In late 2018, after hearing Kimberley speak at High Point Market, she had an awakening that led to revamping her business and she’s been preaching the gospel ever since!  “BOD™ has completely changed how I do business and how profitable I am.” AHR specializes in high-end residential design for busy families. Alexa believes a home should reflect, and at its core, feel like the people who live there.  She loves making this magic happen for her clients. www.ahrdesigns.com

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