EP 180 | You Are A Brand. Whether You Like It Or Not with Bruce Philp – REPEAT

July 20, 2020

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About this Episode

“People don’t buy our product. They buy the belief that we can create and deliver the product. They buy our brand.” Bruce Philp, author Consumer Republic.

Having a brand, and filling a particular brand space gives consumers the confidence to hire you.

In this episode we learn:

  • 3 components of a healthy brand
  • why outsourcing your brand experience makes sense
  • how corporation (or the appearance of one) gives a client confidence
  • three ways small business owners give away their power


Take Aways

Three conditions that need to be met in order to build a viable brand:

  1. Purpose. Consumers need to believe that the people they hire are motivated by a higher purpose, otherwise they’ll assume it’s opportunism.
  2. Positioning. Commit to a particular type of project that you’re great at and an ideal client, or you’ll never excel
  3. Character. Sharing your value and personality allows your customer to buy into you as a brand.

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Bruce is a 30-year veteran of branded marketing, and an award-winning author and teacher of how it works and why it matters. A self-described “optimist, with experience,” he leads the strategy practice. You can learn more about Bruce’s experience here.

Heuristic was founded in 2011 following the publication of Bruce Philp’s second book, Consumer Republic. The book advocated passionately for society’s common interest in the power brands give to consumers. But touring and speaking about it produced a surprising revelation: most marketers want branding to have a moral purpose as much as consumers do. A mission was born.

Heuristic is a boutique consultancy that helps new and transitioning brands find profit in purpose. Experience has shown us that when brands are true to themselves, businesses are more resilient. Products are more valuable. People find their work more meaningful. Customers become advocates. And we think if enough brands operated this way, branding could even make the world a better place.

Specialties: Brand strategy, marketing communications strategy, strategic oversight of branded communications and brand experience. Speaking and coaching on these subjects, and brands as popular culture.

Large corporate clients like ING, Capital One, Kobo, Uber, Iron Workers of Canada, Wind Mobile – pulled out two smaller ones Sapsucker, and BOD rebranding and website. 


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