EP 181 | Asked and Answered Part 1 with Kimberley Seldon

July 27, 2020

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About this Episode

Each month, members of Business of Design™ gather to discuss and resolve their most pressing issues. The questions vary from fees to retainers to client and trade management and everything in between. In this episode we open the mic so you can listen in.

In this episode we learn:

  • pricing the consultation for a developer
  • what boundaries to place around a consultation with the developer
  • the right BOD™ contract for project management fees
  • what verbiage to use re. project management
  • why managing your vendors works in your favor
  • are we obligated to return to a project that has gone off the rails
  • why and how to use a retainer
  • are you looking for the client who sorts for the cheapest or best solution?

BOD & You

As interior design professionals, we LOVE our work because it matters so much. We want our clients to get our best every time, because it’s going to affect the way they live for years to come. But doing our best work isn’t possible if we can’t dedicate ourselves to it. And we can’t dedicate ourselves to it if doesn’t earn us a living.

Business of Design™ is the best professional advice and business coaching available, and it’s just for you. Our mission is to liberate your talent and skill by showing you how to run a business that supports you, empowers you, and lets you love your work again.


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