EP 188 | Can you be Friends with Clients? with Isabel Gomez

September 21, 2020

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About this Episode

Is it possible to be friends with clients? Belgian designer Isabel Gomez has all the answers and specific reasons why identifying your ideal client is may be the boost your business needs. 

In this episode we learn:

  • working for friends is possible—just follow the rules
  • taking responsibility gives you the opportunity to make positive changes to your method of working
  • narrowing down the description of your ideal client informs every decision you make
  • absolutely everything you do has to be intentional and related to your ideal client

Design Intervention

Be the person you like to encounter in your life for everything you do: be they professional you would love to work with, the boss you would like to have, the partner you would be happy to collaborate with and the competitor you would like to face.

Isabel Gomez is an interior designer from Brussels, Belgium. She’s a Spanish speaking native, with a warm heart and a cool head and she says she never takes no for an answer. She loves life and is a feminist, who is raising two wonderful boys.  She’s passionate about design and so is her team.  Isabel says she doesn’t believe in luck. Instead, she believes we are the result of the actions we take, and we don’t take.


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