EP 215 | Direct to Consumers with Adene Lucas

March 30, 2021

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Many designers have some type of retail sales component which complements their interior design business. Others are curious as to whether a direct-to-consumer offering would add to their marketing efforts or increase profitability. BOD™ member Adene Lucas recently launched her own import business and says, yes, a retail sales component can be a healthy addition to your business, provided you do your homework first.

In this episode we learn:

  • Research not only the product you are importing, but its origins
  • Hire a qualified broker to navigate complicated regulations
  • Be prepared for random (costly) inspections when you import goods
  • Use a qualified moving team to receive items from the port (land or sea)
  • Markup may need to be greater than 3 times



Keep your eye on the end goal in order to stay motivated.


Pithy and smart—two words which totally describe me! I have had my decorating business for the past 17 years and slowly transitioned into teaching. I now teach at two Universities and one College while taking the odd client. Recently, I opened a retail location specializing in Scandinavian decor.


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