EP 222 | Resimercial Design with Colleen Baader

May 18, 2021

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In order to hire the most talented, capable staff, business owners rely on a variety of recruitment enticements—salary, bonus structures, flex hours, and even a dynamic work environment. Resimercial design, a home-like atmosphere for the office, is quickly becoming the defining trend of today’s office projects.

In this episode we learn:

  • with commercial projects, intake comes from all stakeholders
  • creating a home-like environment is one way to attract the staff you want
  • in order to come to a compromise when stakeholders have disparate ideas, look for common denominators
  • open offices are often a mix of focus and collaboration stations
  • acoustics are an important factor in open office design
  • the addition of lvp / lvt (luxury vinyl plank flooring and luxury vinyl tile) and ceiling tiles adds to acoustic comfort
  • expect a mix of home and work schedules
  • virtual conferencing is here to stay


Design Intervention

Best piece of design advice ever, “Hire the best team, and let them shine.”

About Colleen Baader

As Senior Vice President and co-owner of Rieke Office Interiors REEKEE and Vertical Interior Design, Colleen Baader helps business and residential clients visualize possibilities in their environment. Whether they are looking to upgrade an existing space, or build a new one, Colleen is an expert at listening to clients’ requirements and creating a vision that will exceed their expectations.


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