EP 227 | 3 Nos with Laura Elliott and LeAnne Bunnell

June 22, 2021

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Real talk. Real designers. When you can’t decide whether you should take on the new project that you’re being offered, who do you call? Fellow BOD™ members, of course! Kimberley sent up an SOS and designers Laura Elliott and LeAnne Bunnell stepped up to help.

In this episode we learn:

  • stretching creativity can be a good thing
  • constraints sometimes foster creativity
  • saying yes to one project means saying no to other things, personal or professional
  • ask yourself if the project will consume too much psychic energy
  • be aware of feeling compelled to take a project

About LeAnne Bunnell

LeAnne Bunnell Interiors is a full-service boutique interior design studio working in Calgary and around western Canada since 2003. LeAnne and her crack team pride themselves on strong relationships and creating spaces that clearly resonate with the clients they work with. Specializing in everything from full room transformations to large scale builds and renovation projects, LBI is recognized for their creative and tailored approach to design.

‘We believe you should love where you live every day. We believe you shape your home and, in turn, your home shapes you. We believe in luxury and indulgence and that means different things to different people. We believe that it’s never wrong if you love it. We believe in candlelight, fresh flowers and pillows.’


About Laura Elliott

Refined Interiors is a Berkeley-based, full-service interior design firm owned by Laura Elliott.

Raised in Princeton, New Jersey, Laura fell in love with California and decided to call it home when she moved to the West Coast as a teenager.

She received a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of California, San Francisco, and started her career as a designer at a prestigious boutique hospitality design firm.

Laura loves meeting with new clients and brainstorming the exciting ways to transform their spaces. She is passionate about helping busy families transform their new or existing houses into updated, unique, and functional homes.​


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