EP 236 | Protect your Business with Braden Drake

August 24, 2021

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As design professionals, we have a high earning potential, but it’s impossible to realize that level of profitability without taking some risks. To protect your business and your mental health, a layered approach to legal protection keeps you safe and able to do your best work. Braden talks attorney with us in a non-attorney way.

In this episode we learn:

  • for maximum legal protection, it’s best to seek a layered solution
  • initial layers of protection include insurance and contracts
  • after the initial layers of protection are in place, assess your personal risk aversion to decide if you need further protection
  • to indemnify another party is to compensate that party for losses that that party has incurred or will incur as related to a specified incident
  • alternative dispute resolution is a means to solving a dispute outside of court



Charge More.

That was a big one. I way undercharged for my first two years. I doubled pretty much all my prices one week. My client load, and workload, decreased by about 25%, but my revenue increased by about 50%. This gave me more money to hire some help and more time to market my business.

About Braden Drake

Braden is a California licensed attorney and tax professional. His tagline is your gay best friend here to help you get your legal and tax shit legit. Braden works primarily with service based, creative small business owners through his courses where he educates on contracts, business entities, cash flow, systems, and taxes.


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