EP 235 | This is Messed Up with Darcie Janzen & Beth Walther

August 17, 2021

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Sometimes it’s the unplanned designer-to-designer conversations that yield the most interesting results. Listen in to a few snippets of conversation with BOD™ members, Darcie Janzen and Beth Walther.  

In this episode we learn:

  • you don’t have to eat a price increase
  • transparent money practices make it easier to handle surprises
  • give the bad information to the client straight, don’t sugar coat it
  • process will save you every time



All suffering comes from attachment. I try to live a life of peace, joy, love and happiness. Whenever I feel I’m holding on to something too hard or even a specific outcome and it is not working out, I let it go. I visualize letting it go. It’s amazing how when you let things (or outcomes) it opens up space for something much better to come in.

About Beth Walther

Beth Walther graduated with a bachelor’s in interior design in 1983. Initially, she worked with small design firms doing space planning and construction documents for high rise building. She passed the NCIDQ and was the Director of Interior Design for a large architectural firm. After 10 years of commuting and missing her children. Beth quit all that and in 1994 started Design Studio, LLC.  Now, as an independent interior design firm they work on commercial and residential projects.


About Darci Janzen

Darcie thinks of herself as a small-town girl, who loves running a business in Sarnia, Ontario, where the water is blue, and the summers are hot. She met her husband online during her last year of college and moved to Alberta, where they spent the first 8 years of their married lives. She dragged him back to the promised land (Ontario) in 2014 and hit the ground running with her interior design business. Darcie Janzen Interiors has a strong focus on residential renovations and project management, and they have recently taken on some commercial projects as well.


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