EP 247 | Process Interruptus with Jerrica Zaric

November 9, 2021

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The project is going smoothly, and the clients are happy. In fact, this isn’t the first project you’ve done for these wonderful people. Out of the blue the client has a request; a change in process that requires the interior design professional to do additional work. What to do? Business of Design® member and Milwaukee designer, Jerrica Zaric shares her strategy for surviving this challenging situation. 

In this episode we learn:

  • to identify client red flag and address them head on
  • what to do when a client questions your method of charging for services
  • how to stand your ground and communicate clearly with clients
  • to set healthy client boundaries



Don’t get lost in taking care or your clients that you forget to take care of yourself. Healthy boundaries and carving out time for yourself will make you more productive. Schedule blocks of time to reflect, meditate, exercise, draw, do whatever you need to do to unwind. Put it on your calendar and stick to it.

About Jerrica Zaric

Since its launch in 2014, Jerrica Zaric Interior Design has been providing a bespoke turnkey approach to design to our discerning residential clientele. Drawing inspiration from her travels, a degree in sculpture, and an active interest in the art world, Jerrica directs her team to create designs that thoughtfully balance her aesthetic with the Client’s lifestyle. Both on and off jobsites, Jerrica can be found carrying two tape measures, toddler’s socks, and a box of safety pins at all times.


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