EP 248 | Stay the Course with Allison Crawford

November 16, 2021

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Marrying a love of real estate and interior design, BOD™ Member Allison Crawford opened her own design centric Airbnb. Add to that a relocation from Austin, Texas to Paris, France–while still running projects in Austin–and you’ve got yourself a whole new level of design education. In this episode, we talk to Allison about her experience opening an Airbnb and what it’s like to move from one country to another while still running a successful, and busy, design firm.

In this episode we learn:

  • how to turn a passion into a successful business venture
  • the process and experience of opening an Airbnb
  • the educational value of travel
  • the experience of charging for your consultation for the first time
  • a new appreciation for having processes in places



Pick a path and stick to it. Stay the course.

About Allison Crawford

Allison Crawford is the Founder of Allison Crawford Design and HOTELette a boutique vacation rental in Austin, TX. Her interiors tell daring and soulful stories. Allison earned her Bachelor of Arts from Southern Methodist University and studied Gothic Literature at University College in Oxford, England, and Interior Design at New York University. She currently resides in Paris, where she explores art and architecture with her daughter, husband, and an old school b+w film camera.



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