EP 269 | What’s in Your Contract with Mehnaz Malik

April 19, 2022

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In this episode, Kimberley speaks with BOD™ member, Mehnaz Malik about an important change she will make to her contract.

In this episode we learn:

  • a contract with clear and easily understood language provides added protection


Take Away

Hey, who knows more about design than you?? No one! Please be part of the podcast by sending us what you love about your contract. Record a short message with your name, company, insta handle and what you love about your contract, or what you need to change. Thank you.

About Mehnaz Malik

Natari Design is a Toronto-based full-service interior design firm. The focus of our practice is on residential and bespoke commercial spaces. Whether a new build, a small renovation, or decorating a space to live up to its full potential, we give our utmost attention and care to every project. Supported by a trusted team of contractors, architects, landscapers, artists, and suppliers, we tailor our services to ensure that we meet each client’s individual needs.

While our aesthetic can best be described as ‘warm modernist’, how that translates to each space is as personal as the individuals who occupy it. We believe that a home with character and depth reflects the personality and life experiences of those who inhabit it. We work with our clients to incorporate that which is meaningful to them so that their home not only looks ‘magazine-worthy’, but also feels like a personal sanctuary.


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