EP 270 | Protect Yourself from Litigation with Jamie Lieberman

April 26, 2022

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While there is no single method for protecting yourself and your business from legal trouble, a Swiss cheese defence—multiple layers of protection that work together—is a solid approach you can rely on. Jamie Lieberman of Hashtag Legal shares her experience helping entrepreneurs with the protections they need to safely run their businesses.

In this episode we learn:

  • how to disclaim responsibility and limit liability when trades are hired by the client
  • becoming a general contractor may be a way to remain compliant with local laws
  • it’s smart to have excellent business insurance
  • before you get hit with a lawsuit, you will have an opportunity to agree on a solution
  • a lawyer can be instrumental in pre-litigation
  • do not use text messaging for client communication

Design Intervention

The best piece I ever received was learning how to be comfortable with failure and embracing those moments rather than running from them. When I left my full-time legal job after I had my first son, I started a second blog — a mom blog — and it failed spectacularly. Looking back now, I know that was because it wasn’t true to my voice and wasn’t what I was truly passionate about. But, without that failed mom blog, I never would have founded Hashtag Legal because it introduced me to the business of blogging.

About Jamie Lieberman

Jamie Lieberman is an attorney, podcaster and entrepreneur dedicated to making legal accessible and sharing the message that working with a lawyer doesn’t have to be scary. As the owner and founder of Hashtag Legal, Jamie draws on her experience working with influencer marketing professionals, creatives, and business owners to help her clients grow and protect their businesses.

She leads an all-female, virtual team focused on providing clients with advice on a wide range of subjects such as intellectual property, contracts, privacy, FTC and general business law as well negotiation strategies. Jamie is the co-host for the FearLess Business Podcast and has spoken at influential industry conferences such as Alt Summit, Podcast Movement, and FinCon.


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