EP 272 | Experience Custom with Buildlane

May 10, 2022

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I’ve had my hand in the creation of thousands of pieces of custom furniture. Not only am I an expert at how furniture is built and the different options that make it what it is, but we also work with a huge variety of designers. From single designers just getting their feet wet to established designers with decades of experience and a 50 person staff. From SF to NYC to Miami to STL. This gives me an interesting perspective on what custom is being made. 

In this episode we learn:

  • sit on everything and set a standard for your clients
  • discuss the wood species with the builder, use less expensive varieties for hidden details
  • stick to sheet and tube metal to keep pieces affordable
  • sell the process to your clients
  • custom is not a commodity, feel good about this purchase



Just keep surviving. When I first started Buildlane I got a lot of negative feedback from people outside of the interior design industry and it took a very long time to really get the idea off the ground. And now I hear from designers weekly that they can’t believe this exists. Just gotta keep going.


About Frank Eybsen

Once a member of the Los Angeles tech scene, Frank switched paths to the home industry a decade ago. After a stint running an upholstery workshop Frank created Buildlane, the only company bringing custom furniture online.


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How busy designers do custom furniture.

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