EP 286 | Decision Fatigue with Nika Kabiri

August 16, 2022

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Decisions, decisions, decisions. Some days, it seems all we do is make decisions. Even choices with relatively small consequences can weigh heavy on the mind of the hard-working interior design professional. In this episode, we’ll look at the science behind decision making and get some expert advice on how to arrive at a sane choice in a timely fashion. 

In this episode we learn:

  • just by taking on the myriad decisions required for any design project, you are offering value to your clients
  • there is no guaranteed outcome or reaction, so take the pressure off yourself to hit a perfect target
  • when proposing one option over another, share the pros and cons of each choice
  • stress less over decisions that are easily reversable
  • standards and protocols eliminate decision fatigue in many ways
  • go with your gut if the stakes aren’t too high and it’s impossible to get more information



Embrace your self-doubt. It’s healthy.

About Nika Kabiri

Nika Kabiri is a decision-making specialist who helps people make hard choices so they can move forward with minimal regret. She’s spent over two decades studying how people make decisions in a variety of contexts, from relationships to politics to business. She’s worked with clients like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, PepsiCo, General Mills, Fitbit, Oakley, and more, including tech start-ups that haven’t been born yet. Currently, Nika serves as Senior Director of Decision Science at Clio, where she’s helping the legal industry to improve access to justice through better decision making. She also advises individuals needing help making the right choices.

Nika earned a PhD in Sociology from the University of Washington, where her academic focus was on choice theory and institutional analysis. She’s a former faculty member at the University of Washington, where she taught decision science. She also has a JD from the University of Texas.



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