EP 287 | Drop it Like it’s Hot with Helen Austen

August 23, 2022

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BOD™ BOSS member, Helen Austen launched her first business as a professional organizer, and it wasn’t long before happy clients started asking her to decorate and renovate for them. Today, she’s managing two businesses, and working to transition her organizing firm into a robust and profitable design firm—all while accelerating that growth with a BOD™ BOSS Group. Helen is a pro at making a swift decision that leads to immediate change…. follow her lead.

In this episode we learn:

  • there is real intimacy when you are organizing someone’s home
  • your contract is your business partner
  • be careful how you are training your clients
  • charge more and don’t look back
  • go to the BOD™ Elite Retreat, the home tours are the icing on the cake—the learning is actionable and transformative



Be an entrepreneur first and then an incredible designer second. You can’t be great at your craft and charge for it if you’re not a skilled business owner. This is why Business of Design® is a gift from the design gods!



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🎵 Song Drop it Like it’s Hot 🎶

Artist: Snoop Dogg
Featured artist: Pharrell Williams
Album: R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece
Released: 2004

About Helen Austen

Helen Austen has combined her background as a counselor and her decade of experience as a professional organizer with her passion for interior design to create beautiful spaces with high function. With an added focus on her client’s wellbeing, she aims to improve the impact that spaces have on everyday living.


Instagram | @helenandcointeriors

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