EP 289 | Make Your Margins with Daniel House Club

September 6, 2022

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Yes, it is possible to consistently protect your margins. Getting clear about which vendors and suppliers help you do that is critical for every design professional who intends to sustain the business and be profitable.

In this episode we learn:

  • stop chasing tiny discounts—your time is valuable so pause to consider the profit first
  • be transparent with clients about pricing
  • never ship “curb side”, deliver to a receiver and install properly
  • like a good travel guide, the design professional keeps clients informed about what’s happening next and when



Get the tasks that leave you drained off your plate (likely organizing your procurement). Studies show that struggling around big decisions for too long is detrimental to your brain.



  • Save 50% on Daniel House Club PRO & PRO+ memberships when you use code BODPRO until the end of September 2022. Designer’s will also receive 30 days of free shipping when they make their first project in their “Dashboard.”
  • Shop our new upholstery line starting this fall. Everything ships in 8 weeks.
  • Come see Kimberley / us on 9/14, where we’ll be hosted by Lepere / Interior Design Mag at the NY Design Center as part of What’s New, What’s Next. We’re discussing the myriad resources available to help new designers grow

About Peter & Alex Spalding

Peter and Alexander Spalding founded Daniel House Club after years of operating their own design firm. Even though the firm grew quickly, it was difficult for the pair to ensure each project’s profitability. Presenting compelling pieces that held a significant discount was tough. Initially, they built software for managing their own sourcing and procurement, and they found the process streamlined purchasing so much, they began to share it with other designers. Today, Daniel House Club is open to all design professionals.


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Daniel House Club

Created by designers for designers, Daniel House Club maximizes your potential for profits and creative satisfaction by providing everything you need to source the products you want and manage your design business.

BOD™ listeners, visit danielhouse.club in the month of August and receive 50% off your Pro or Pro+ membership using Discount Code: BODPRO. Plus, receive free shipping for 30 days when you make your first Project using your Daniel House Club Dashboard.



What DHC members are saying:

“Daniel House Club has been a game changer for me. It’s so quick and easy with a lot of brands that we’ve wanted to use but didn’t have accounts with. Their customer service is top notch whenever I have questions. It also keeps my clients happy because I can manage their expectations on shipping with the Daniel House Club 10% flat rate.”  ~ Pro+ Member, Trish Bonney

“I have come to totally rely on Daniel House Club for my business. They are my first stop to source a variety of items for each project. I know their customer service team will help me with any obscure questions and even go the extra mile to ensure items arrive at the right time.”  ~ Pro+ Member, Rose-Marie William

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