EP 300 | 15 Cheryl Horne Superpowers

November 22, 2022

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In working together for 15 years, Kimberley and Cheryl have developed a deep and lasting bond. In this special episode, Business of Design® Advocate in Chief, Kimberley shares what she sees as 15 (there are many more) of Cheryl’s most significant superpowers, things she’s learned from Cheryl. Enjoy!

In this episode we learn:

  • it’s ok to make changes your team isn’t happy about
  • transparency builds trust
  • honest feedback is all that matters
  • don’t hire someone just to agree with you
  • say the hard thing straight up
  • sometimes you have to let the boss fail
  • how to manage a big task list
  • not every goal is a worthy one
  • staying on track is sometimes more important than innovating
  • there’s usually some way to find a solution
  • having a system is better than having a goal
  • one step at a time, just get it done
  • remind ​yourself of the goal
  • it’s ok to change course
  • integrity matters in everything we do

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