EP 305 | Double Down with Eric McClelland

January 3, 2023

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Without confidence, the interior design professional can never really thrive. Thankfully, confidence is something you can learn and emulate. Designer Eric McClelland shares some tips and tricks for staying confident, even in the toughest situations.

In this episode we learn:

  • limit project diversions initiated by the client—have a swift response and keep the project on track
  • 20 years ago, most designers did better work, since clients weren’t getting as involved
  • a concise concept eliminates some of the shopping that clients might do on their own
  • staying firm in your first choice (vs. backpedalling) is a display of confidence—it’s hard to exude confidence if you are backpedalling
  • sometimes our job is to say no, early in the project
  • use budget as the condition for changing your choices
  • when a client wants you to price multiple options, let her know it will create additional design fees

About Eric McClelland

Eric McClelland, a University of Manitoba graduate, moved to Toronto in 1986. After positions with Ove Design, Manufacturers Life and Volgeysi & Propst Architects, he met Peter Lunney at a small firm called Citiworks Design – where the two completed designs and working drawings for over 40 Skydome skyboxes. A private residence designed in conjunction with acclaimed architect Gordon Ridgely brought Peter and Eric together, started their partnership and culminated in an ARIDO Silver Award of Excellence for Residential Interiors. Fleur-de-lis Interior Design was founded in 1989 with a continuous mandate to create innovative and design forward interiors. The firm has established a strong presence in the residential market by presenting modern design, using simple playful forms and selecting a well-balanced mix of materials.

Fleur-de-lis provides a clean and controlled design product, yet integrates client personality with decorating wit. Projects of all scales exemplify Fleur-de-lis’ attention to detail, custom crafted millwork, award-winning lighting design and creative use of materials. The firm’s notoriety has been built on a succession of residential and commercial projects in the Toronto area, including private residences in prestigious Rosedale and Forest Hill, commercial projects in downtown Toronto, Port Credit, and outlying areas as well as Winnipeg, Vancouver, New York City, Boston, New England, Florida and Nassau.


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