EP 318 | Client Pipeline with Cheryl Horne

April 4, 2023

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Ideally, every business owner wants to have a lineup of customers and always know when the next job is coming. The most successful businesses sign projects via their pipeline, not chase their pipeline when projects dry up.

Lack of consistent prospecting = inconsistent results and inconsistent revenue.

In this episode we learn:

  • attract an abundance of potential clients with a well-tuned pipeline
  • consider marketing methods for increasing the number of potential clients
  • converting potential customers into paying projects is a primary focus
  • create an editorial calendar and use it to keep clients coming back



QTIP. Quit taking it personal.

About Cheryl Horne

Cheryl Horne is Director of Operations for Business of Design®. She began with the company in 2007, running live educational workshops for design professionals across Canada and the US. Moving the Business of Design® teachings online in 2012, she now manages the international online membership platform and overall business strategy.

Cheryl has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Trent University and a background in Finance and Project Management.

Through her company, MadMac, Cheryl works with entrepreneurs providing online business management and web design services.

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