EP 319 | You’re Worth it with Andrea Liebross

April 11, 2023

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Each of us has a belief system built up around what we understand our worth to be. Often, we tell ourselves conflicting stories about our value is and when that confusion seeps into our client relationships, it causes real damage. In this episode, we discover the three pillars of a value belief system and learn how to impact them for more positive growth.

In this episode we learn:

  • your worth is a combination of three beliefs: belief in yourself, belief in service and belief in the emotional and financial maturity of your client
  • we are in the business of transformation
  • by limiting what we present to clients, we deny them growth and transformation
  • to understand your value, consider how the client’s space will evolve or transform as the result of working with you
  • take a strategic pause at the end of a project or milestone and look for what went well



Be curious, not critical. You will get a lot farther!

About Andrea Liebross

Andrea Liebross is an author, certified business and life coach, and host of the Time to Level Up podcast. She’s known for helping high-achieving women entrepreneurs make the shift from overwhelm to freedom, so they stop thinking small and start thinking big. Through her work, she guides bold, ambitious women to create their own secret sauce for success by combining two ingredients – the right mindset and solid systems.

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