I must say you really delivered!

Veronica Lawrence - Orange County

Our Orange County ASID community so appreciated your presentation! We have had such accolades and great feedback from those in attendance, I must say you really delivered.

Very well organized and explained.

Gail Monica Dent - Seattle

The Flat Fee Webinar was wonderful – perfect! Very well organized and explained; Kimberley is a great teacher/speaker. I have read both of her books and am using the 15 Steps. Kimberley is an ideal supporter of how to run a successful design business.

Excellent webinar!

Evelyn Eshun - Toronto ON

Excellent webinar! During the webinar, a contractor I’m working with was at my desk waiting for me to present a quote to a client. I told him to listen to what you had to say and take mental notes. He was so inspired, he felt relaxed and more confident to see the client and he used your exact words and the meeting was a success!

Fun & Informative

Crispin Butterfield - Vancouver BC

Hi Kimberley! Yesterday’s Flat Fee webinar was fun and informative.