Every episode is so on point.

Thank you for sharing all of your incredibly valuable business knowledge. You’re an inspiration and have helped me grow my business and feel more confident. Every episode is so on point. I can’t thank you enough! I am a yearly member and looking forward to taking as many courses as possible to help even more. Thank you for doing what you do 🙂

United States of America

So Informative!!

As a new design business owner, I have been struggling to learn the ropes of running a business and designing for my clients. Kimberley has helped me so much already and I’m only three podcasts in!! So excited to listen to them all and implement all the advice. Thank you for opening up the world of design!!


Once a week isn’t enough!!

When I heard Kimberley was launching a podcast I was so excited! I have been a member on her platform Business of Design for about 6 months and I can honestly say it’s been a game-changer in terms of how I think about my business and myself as a business owner. The podcast is awesome to re-affirm everything she teaches on Business of Design and also gives another perspective. The only thing I would change about them is to make them more frequent — once a week isn’t enough!! Thank you, Kimberley and the BOD team for helping me make so many changes in my business and have more confidence as a business owner!


She shares real-life lessons, gives wise counsel

I was already a big fan of Kimberley Seldon’s Business of Design website with so many helpful courses to support designers. I’ve learned so much from her about how to start and run my own business- the practical tips that are not part of my design school curriculum. She shares real-life lessons, gives wise counsel, and encourages us all to be better. The podcast makes learning even more convenient. Thank you so much, Kimberley!

Jill Pulver
United States of America

Thank You For Sharing

Thank you, Kimberley, for all your valuable information you share with designers You really inspired us to follow a system and have a successful career.

United States of America


I LOVE Kimberley! This podcast is FIRE!!! I learn SO much from each podcast. I am in the process of revamping my design business & THIS is my blueprint for success!! THANK YOU for sharing & shining a light on how to be the best businesswoman I can be. #teamkimberleyseldon

Gail M Davis
United States of America

Outstanding Resource

Thank you so much, Kimberley, for such a wonderful resource! I’m helping my wife launch a firm and your books and your podcasts have been invaluable.

United States of America

My trusted advisor

I LOVE listening to Kimberley not only is the content relevant to me in this Industry it also empowers me to keep moving forward. I take away something from every episode, brilliant work! Thank you, Kimberley, for being on this journey of design with me! CHEERS!

United States of America

Amazing and informative!! A must for interior designers

I just started listening to these podcasts and I’m hooked! There is so much valuable information. I feel like every podcast I’ve listened to has given me tools that I need to succeed in my business. I highly recommend these podcasts.


Better Business

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Running a business is something they don’t teach well at design school.

United States of America

Kimberly is terrific!!

This podcast is like having a personal business coach! She is amazing, insightful, practical, and brilliant. A huge help for any designer at any stage!

Green Door Interiors
United States of America

Continued Education

Kimberley leaves no stone unturned. Thank you for your transparency and for sharing your experience with your design peers around the world so we can further our knowledge!

Penno Interiors
United States of America

Has Helped Me I️mmensely

I have a brand new interior design business and this podcast has been so insightful and so helpful in helping me run my business. Kimberley Seldon is so amazing!

United States of America

Great podcast for Interior Design Professionals

Tons of great advice and valuable topics discussed on this podcast. Very relevant discussions in the world of Interior Design Business. I recommend it highly especially to those who are working on their own.

Marina V.
United States of America

More than a podcast!!!

This is the class that I was missing in design school! Kimberley is honest and open and her experience is changing my business tremendously!! I can’t thank her and her team enough!!!!! I’m seriously taking notes!!

Emerald House Design
United States of America

So helpful! Can’t get enough.

I came across this Podcast not long ago and I cannot stop listening!! I am new in the Interior Design business, as before I was mainly doing it as a hobby. I just needed some perspective and how to gain the confidence to value myself and my work. Kimberly’s topics are spot on and I love how much information there is here on the how, what, when, how much of the ID business. Essential for anyone looking for info that is just not available anywhere, at least not like this. Thanks, Kimberley!

Great Britain

Love BOD Podcast!

I can’t remember how I came about finding this podcast, but all I can say is wow and thank you to Kimberley for creating this. I take away such valuable information and actionable advice from each show. There have been lots of ah-ha moments for me. Love Kimberley, her guests and the content shared!


A Valuable Resource!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and tools with other designers. You have provided such a powerful place for a designer to go to feel empowered and unified.

United States of America

I’ve learned an incredible amount in the time I’ve been listening!

Kimberley has a wealth of knowledge about the design industry and is so open to sharing it and educating others. Her guests are excellent and every interview has been informative and educational. I’ve learned an incredible amount in the time I’ve been listening!

United States of America

Team BOD™ is so well respected in this industry

Business of Design™ has changed my world and really helped me focus not only on how to run a business but also about my WHY! Whenever we use Kimberley’s name the doors just fly open to us all – Team BOD™ is so well respected in this industry and we hope that we do you all proud!

Sara Keeling
Toronto, ON

Such a great resource to have this group.

Our Toronto BOD™ Chapter is fantastic. We have an exceptional group of people and have been covering some really important topics. Such a great resource to have this group.

Sara Keeling
Toronto, ON

Your advice is so valuable!

I had a very similar situation with a client 2 months ago. I knew their budget was too small for what they wanted and the husband was behaving strangely. I also had my base drawings done early for the trades and presented them without all the supporting information. In the end, I was overjoyed to give them all the information they needed to take over. And they were so pleased as well. I don’t even want to see how the project is completed. I hope I’ve learned my lesson. Thanks for the validation. Your advice is so valuable!

United States of America

These are all actionable podcast episodes!

I recommend this podcast to every designer I meet. Listening to the podcast really jumpstarted my motivation to put the principles in place for my business and take BOD seriously. I loved it so much that I volunteered to be the chapter advocate! I look forward to Monday mornings now because I get to listen to BOD in the car on my way to my office and it is the perfect start to my week. Thank you, Kimberley!

United States of America

Thank You!

OMG. I feel like I am so late to discover you, Kimberley. What high quality, rich, generous content. I’ve only listened to the first 2 episodes so far and I feel like I have learned so much. Thank you for being so open-hearted with your wealth of knowledge and experience.


Best podcast for this field!

Kimberley is amazing! She has the best guests and dishes the best info! I am so thankful for this podcast and her time!!

United States of America

I can listen all day

Awesome content for aspiring designers!!! I can listen all day.

United States of America

I have quadrupled my income already this year!

In January 2019 I joined BOD™ and committed to fully implementing all of your systems and procedures. I am amazed at the transformation in my business! Starting Q4, I have quadrupled my income already this year! Thank you, Kimberley and BOD™!

Heather Ryder
New York, USA

So many little fixes at my fingertips!

The courses are so helpful. I am telling all my friends about it. I am thrilled and so excited about the changes that are already happening for me. Who knew I had so many little fixes at my fingertips!

Regina Callan
San Francisco, California

I am truly invested (aka I drank the Kool-aid!)

I purchased the contract and the BOD membership and I AM LOVING IT! I am truly invested (aka I drank the Kool-aid!)

Regina Callan
San Francisco, California

You are changing my life and my business.

I am so in love with the Business of Design!! You are changing my life and my business. I am working so hard to get all the steps in place and improve everything I do.

Jodie Carter
Sydney, Australia

I have never felt so confident!

Thanks Kimberley! I have never felt so confident with a client presentation as I am using the BOD 15 step process. It’s next level and I’m actually starting to feel like a ‘real interior design professional’!

Kathryn Trentini
Port Macquarie, Australia

Thank you, Kimberley!

It was because of the BOD™ Podcast that I became a Business of Design™ member and gained the courage to actually do what I was made to do. Thank you Kimberley for sharing your vast wealth of knowledge and inviting other along!

Monica Ashbrook
Tucson, AZ

Wow! I can see why you accepted them as a sponsor.

Hi! I wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed listening to the podcast. As a new decorator, it has helped me to not feel alone in the industry. I’ve been able to grow SO much over the past couple of months and a good amount is due to BOD. I just got off of the phone with Heather from BuildLane. WOW! I can see why you accept them as a sponsor. She was beyond helpful and so kind. She had many nice things to say about you and we both agree that you are seem like such a genuine person who is so willing to help.

Christie Bell
Baltimore MD

BOD has forever changed my team

Please pass along my gratitude to Kimberley for all that she’s taught me thus far. This is by FAR the most valuable resource I’ve ever come across and it’s forever changed my entire team in the best possible ways.

Emily Knott
Charlotte, NC

Thank you for sharing!

Thank you, thank you for sharing all of your knowledge. I’ve been in the business 20 plus years and have learned more in the last year than all of my years of fumbling. I have more control and more confidence than ever before!

Alison Johnston
Menlo Park CA


Let me say a big THANK YOU for sharing your systems and wisdom with us. I have learned so much already and I am only on Step 5!

Christy Spearman,
Marietta GA

I have more than tripled my ROI.

I’m a recent member of the BOD community. I became an Annual Member last month and have more than tripled my return on my investment, not to mention my confidence has soared and stress level has decreased!

Donna Gilliam
Nashville TN

You answered my “interior design business” prayers.

Thank you Kimberley for answering my “interior design business” prayers. I’m sure I speak on behalf of all designers that are learning from her when I say how very grateful we are that she is sharing her wealth of knowledge and is empowering women business owners worldwide.

Rosaria Miot

Life Changing!

“I really love Business of Design™ and recommend it to everyone. It has been life changing!”

Christy Yaden
Seattle WA

Know your worth and don’t apologize for it.

I just found out today that a flat fee proposal that I did for a repeat client has been accepted. I am thrilled because I honestly thought they would baulk at the cost – it is so much more than last time (I used an hourly fee contract then and didn’t charge for 25% of the time because they were so shocked at the fees mounting up and I found it so hard to estimate how long things take). That is entirely down to Kimberley’s courses and coaching and all the facebook group ‘know your worth and don’t apologize for it’ messages.

Julia Murray
Gloucestershire UK

Completely changed my business.

My one hour Kimberley on Call was so incredibly helpful and exactly the information I needed. Thank you to Kimberley Seldon – who has completely changed my business and continues to do so.

Heidi Caillier
Tacoma WA

I love, love, love this program.

Thank you! I love, love, love this program and am gobbling it up. I just wish I had found BOD sooner.

Ann Prince
Memphis TN

An invaluable investment.

Ever thankful for your work and all the amazing resources you provide in BOD. This has been an invaluable investment for me.

Kirby Apel
Kirkland WA

Thank you for the wonderful program.

Thank you for the wonderful program. I have told so many people about this course. It has and still is greatly helping me adjust my business after 10 years of probably doing it somewhat wrong or “less correct” haha.

Natalie Chong
Toronto ON

So incredibly helpful, so thankful for your guidance.

All of this information is so incredibly helpful. I am so thankful for your guidance and your willingness to share your experiences with us. I have learned so much from you via the BOD website as well as the Podcast. Thank you, thank you for all that you are doing to help Interior Designers across the world and for being our cheerleaders. It is refreshing in this business to see someone like yourself who is not afraid to talk about problems and concerns that all of us have. This industry still seems to be secretive and I am so glad that you are willing to be transparent to us.

Barbara Straub
Bear Creek PA

I’ve already made thousands more!

Just by switching to Business of Design™ system of sharing my discount, I’ve already made thousands more than I would have 6 months ago. Thank you!

Michelle Hurley
Toronto ON

Can’t wait to learn more!

Thanks Kimberley! One of my best designer clients suggested your podcast to help us understand the needs of our designer clientele. When I listened to episode 19, Successful Vendor Relationships, I nearly cried. THANK YOU.
That is the first time I have ever heard these words spoken from the design trade. I really really appreciate the value that you have given to your makers!!! As upholsterers, we often work in a vacuum and wonder if our feelings about how we are often treated are universal or just unique to us. Now I know!! Can’t wait to learn more!
Martina Voss
Upholstery Couture

Thank you for all you do in the community.

I have been a member for over a month and I’ve already drank the kool-aid and implemented the 15 steps, read your first book, and watched a ton of videos. Thank you for all you do in the community. You have inspired me to become much more active in the Florida ASID and IIDA groups to help support our community of designers locally. I will report back!

Nathan Vanags
Orlando FL

Thank you for these amazing courses!

I just signed up for Business of Design™ 2 days ago and I am completely loving every bit of this! Looking to majorly improve my 2 year old design business (and my quality of life!!) and I know this is what I needed. Thank you for providing these amazing courses and lessons!

Jessica Broyles
Orlando FL

Loving this wonderful resource!!

We’re long time podcast listeners and new annual members and are loving this wonderful resource!!

Laura & Sara
Miami FL

Amazing group of thoughtful women!

The BOD Elite Retreat was truly one of (if not THE) best business trips I’ve been on. The conversations were inspiring and honest and the BOD team and other attendees were an amazing group of thoughtful women! Yay us!! 😊😊

Darci Hether
New York

Love being a member!

I love being a member of BOD – it’s a lifesaver!

Julia Murray
Cheltenham UK

You guy’s ROCK!!

I wanted to thank all of you for the wonderful experience you created for the group this past weekend. It is obvious there were many, many hours of careful planning and coordination put in to ensure all the participants had a good time.

Your commitment to our group’s (and your member’s) success is truly commendable. You guy’s ROCK!!
This was my first BOD retreat and I look forward to attending many more.

Thank you so very much for your outstanding leadership, guidance and friendship.

Barb Aylesworth
Vancouver BC

This has been a game changer for me!

I am putting what I learned to the test! While I love what I do, I must also be profitable (which is NOT a dirty word). Since becoming a BOD member, listening to the podcast & reading Kimberley Seldon’s books have been a game changer for me. Think of it as earning a PhD. If you do EVERYTHING she teaches you, there is absolutely NO reason for your business not to grow exponentially within a year! Initially, I only wanted to be a soloprenuer but once I went to High Point & had the chance to sit down with her in person, I now want to grow my business & have a boutique firm that I can sell when I am ready to retire.

Gail Davis

I am so grateful for you.

Thank you so much Kimberley and team for today… and everyday! I am so grateful for you and your amazing, wonderful resource of Business of Design™. It is fantastic to have such support in this business that can be so all consuming in terms of the different hats that we wear. Since becoming part of your community I am more excited than ever moving forward. Thank you!!

Tracey Menchions
Whistler BC

I wish they covered this stuff in school.

Hi Kimberley! Your courses are incredible and I can’t tell you how much I’m learning! I seriously wish they would have covered this stuff in school!

Kira Obermeier
Chicago IL

I feel more in control have more confidence.

Kimberley and Business of Design™ completely changed the way I ran my business. I feel more in control of my projects, more confidence in my processes, and upped my fees immediately. Within 2 weeks, I’d signed a client for about 3x what I would have previously charged. I highly recommend investing in yourself through BOD.

Crystal Ortiz

Loving this information.

I am a new “disciple”…loving this information. This is stuff they do not teach you in design school! I wish I had more hours in the day to watch the videos and read the books… I am working on it!

Crystal Collinson
Toronto ON

Changing my life as it changes my business.

In our country, Kimberley is the name of a diamond mine. How appropriate. I have become a huge fan of Business of Design™ in no time at all and little by little it is changing my life as it changes my business.

Andre Kleynhans
South Africa

So refreshing!

Thank you for the truly wonderful 15 step process and informative courses you offer – it has genuinely been a game changer for me. There is simply nothing like the clarity of this process in the UK. Your honesty and sharing of this way of working is so refreshing.

Julia Murray

Can honestly say it’s been a game-changer.

When I heard Kimberley was launching a podcast I was so excited! I have been a member on Business of Design™ for about 6 months and I can honestly say it’s been a game-changer in terms of how I think about my business and myself as a business owner. The podcast is awesome to re-affirm everything she teaches on Business of Design™ and also gives another perspective. The only thing I would change about them is to make them more frequent – once a week isn’t enough! Thank you Kimberley and the BOD team for helping me make so many changes in my business and have more confidence as a business owner.

Alex Gourlay

Thanks you for your huge impact to my business.

I am an interior designer in Brussels, and I love your podcast and the way you share so generously your knowledge and experiences. Thanks so much for your huge impact to my business, my life and the whole interior design industry. Big hug from Belgium

Isabel Gómez Tinoco

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I am on vacation and I brought the Business of Design™ books with me for a re-read. I read them years ago but am loving the podcasts so much I thought I would do a re-read of the books. I glean so much valuable information from the podcasts and books. AND more than anything I am valuing my work more and they have given me a kick in my step again. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Brooke Hatfield
Vancouver BC

This has been absolutely invaluable to my ability to grow my practice.

I’ve been incredibly inspired and empowered by both the BOD webinars and Kimberley’s book (Vol 3). I’ve kept the book with me at all times since I got it, often just to read certain passages to give me the motivation and courage to keep steering my business in the right direction. I’m also amazed at how responsive and thorough Kimberley and the BOD team have been in answering questions that you just can’t find answers to anywhere else – this has been absolutely invaluable to my ability to grow my practice.

Ines Mazzotta
Toronto, ON

Thank you for the very real content.

Just a ginormous THANK YOU!! I first met Kimberley at Design Camp in Las Vegas (with Kelli Ellis and Lori Dennis) and I was just officially starting my business with very, very little formal training. My hourly rate was $25! I have since increased it by $25 every year and am now up to $100 and my consultation fee has grown from $0 to $200 and now $300. I know I still have room to grow! The things that I loved about Kimberley from the beginning were her genuineness and transparency. Those are two things I value in my personal life and have appreciated them in my business life as well.  I am so grateful that she so freely shares the thoughts that go through her mind. I have had so many sleepless nights because I worry about the mistakes that I have made (many very similar to the example where she forgot to charge tax) and making assumptions of what my clients might be thinking. Thank you for the webinars and the very real content. I am so excited for this year of business as I work through these very doable changes. Thank you! Thank you!!

Karen Moorman
Muncie IN

I raised my fees right after I found BOD.

I raised my fees right after I found BOD. Within 2 weeks I landed a $10K flat fee project. I was scared to death to tell the client that number, but the client didn’t bat an eye. Previously that would have been a $4K fee.

Crystal Ortiz
Harrisonburg PA

Life changing!

Loving the program… life changing.

Adam Scougall

“Where has she been all my life?”

Kimberley Seldon, I am listening to your Power Talk Friday interview with LuAnn Nigara, and I am just sitting here remembering the first time I saw you in High Point. Honestly, I was just there for a CEU. I didn’t know who you were. 5 minutes into your talk, and I was like “where has she been all my life?” I know you probably get this a lot, but I want you to hear me out. Until you came along, I didn’t know my head from my tail as a business owner – 10 years in the game now. Now I am a money making machine (haha) in my business…..all thanks to you. I looked at my final numbers for 2016 with my CPA last week (she has been doing my books now for over 7 years). She got up from the computer and hugged me, and whispered to me “keep doing what you are doing.” She was so proud to see that I am finally where I need to be financially. This is all thanks to you! I am professing it publicly here, because I want everyone in this group to know just how much you have changed my business, my confidence and my self worth as an entrepreneur. And as my CPA would say “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Veronica Solomon
Katy TX

Thank you for so much wonderful information.

Thank you for so much wonderful information. The information you have passed on in this course…and all the courses I’ve taken so far, has been invaluable. It makes me believe….I CAN DO THIS!

Arlene Lyon
Uxbridge ON

This is EXACTLY what I need!

This is EXACTLY what I need! You’ve made my year…and we’re only 15 days into it 🙂

Lisa Furtado
San Francisco CA

I’m so thankful for Business of Design™

It is such a great course so far, I’m so thankful for Business of Design™!

Rosalee Bosch
St. Catherines ON

I feel so fortunate to have found this group.

I am so looking forward to taking this new course. I have to say that since signing up with Business of Design™ a year ago, with just the Basic Membership, I am more confident in my approach with my clients and have had my best year ever. I feel so fortunate to have found this group and am excited about the endless possibilities.

Barb Aylesworth
Vancouver BC

Money well spent!

I love the books, I can’t even express how helpful the info is. I’m almost done volume 1 and have peeked into volume 2 as well. Money well spent! Once I’m done, I will look at signing up for the membership. I’m glad to see that someone has gone through many of the same struggles as I have and that there are solutions. I even practiced one of the exercises today during a client phone call and it worked! So exciting!

Charli Junker
St. John's NL

The best I have listed to, EVER!

I listened to Ask Me Anything earlier. It has been the best interior design webinar I have listed to, EVER!

Marsha Lucas Thrift

Thank you for everything!

In a field where many “colleagues” are extremely competitive & secretive, Kimberley Seldon is a huge breath of fresh air! She has very generously taken the time to spell out step by step, in deep, super specific detail, how to run a successful design business! Even if you have many years of experience and great training, as I do, there are plenty of fresh ideas here which you will certainly want to incorporate in order to take your business to the next level, and the next, and the next! The videos and the books are both an extremely worthwhile investment of your time and money. Thank you for everything Business of Design™!

Caroline Kopp
Westport CT

I recommend BOD to every designer I can.

I read the BOD books within the first 6 months of starting my decorating business and the techniques for running a business that I learned have been priceless. Being a new solo business owner was scary and finding all of the answers to my questions was not easy until I discovered Kimberly and BOD! I recommend it to every designer I can.

Sarita Simpson
Arlington VA

It’s price-less!

I have been using the site and growing thanks to BOD since 2013. BOD has been very helpful in the growth and development of my business directly. The information content is unique to BOD in comparison to other avenues of Con Ed. It’s price-less in terms of how it has improved by business processes/systems.

Anna Kowalczyk
Toronto ON

Absolutely would recommend BOD!

Absolutely would recommend BOD – you are invaluable to a design professional. Most creatives have a hard time thinking in terms of business, but think like businesswomen we must if we are to continue to contribute our talents to the world. The info you share has given me so much more confidence – can’t put a price tag on that!

Ilana Cohen
Passaic NJ

The information has made great changes!

I have been to 2 of Kimberly’s 1-hour seminars and although it is the same message I walked away with information each time that I was able to implement into my business the next day and increased my bottom line. I own both of her books and the information has made great changes for the better for my time management and bottom line.

Robin Fisher
Portland OR

So much valuable information.

Any designer who wants to improve their business should check out Business of Design™. Kimberly offers great solutions that are implantable.  The Business of Design™ Volumes 1 and 2 are a must read!  There is so much valuable information in them.

Alicia Paley
Thousand Oaks CA

Kimberly’s process was the answer I needed.

Since becoming a member of Business of Design™ 18 months ago, my revenue has quadrupled and my clients are much happier. I’m really enjoying being a business owner now and have hired a purchasing coordinator and a junior designer. My best clients are coming back to work with me and the whole process from my first interaction with the client to Installation Day has become easier. Kimberley is a super mentor and holds nothing back in her BOD videos and webinars!! She’s developed a process that fits every project, large and small, and she gives you the tools to implement the system seamlessly. From selling the initial design consultation to presenting my client with a 100% complete design + pricing to coordinating my team to get it all done, Kimberly’s process was the answer I needed to build my confidence in selling my service, grow my business, and enjoy work each day.

Andrea Orndorff
Sykesville MD

Kimberley has given me back my family life!

I’d say Kimberley has made not only my business more streamlined, organized and professional; she’s also given me back my family life! By encouraging me to keep to business hours and keeping tabs on my hours, I no longer work until 11pm, or on weekends. My husband loves Kimberley’s support by giving us back our family time. This morning a client said “I’m not sure I want to hire you as you charge a travel fee, you’ll be coming here quite often, I expect, and the fees will really add up!” I was able to respond that I’ll see her only 2x before the presentation, once for the consultation, and once for the trade day. She was shocked and relieved and said, “Well, yes, I didn’t realize you were so organized, let’s do it!”

Jil Sonia McDonald
British Columbia

Luckily I found BOD just before I gave up.

If I could be a walking, talking representative for Kimberley and BOD, I would be. Oh wait, I already do that! I spent the first 6 months of my business going in circles, feeling discouraged, feeling lost and knowing that I was clearly doing something wrong and that there had to be an answer somewhere – and there was! Luckily I found it just before I was about to give up. I would (and do) try to reach out to all new interior designers and decorators starting out and reassure them there are answers to all of their business questions and to not give up, your business and life is about to get a whole lot better.

Nikki Fisher
Milton ON

I cannot wait to take all of these courses!

Business of Design™ is giving me the tools I need to eliminate the chaos of running my own business. I adopted many of Kimberley’s ideas after hearing her speak in Las Vegas during the Summer Market 2014. Recently I found I needed to go even further than what I learned in Vegas and in her books, so I signed up as a member of Business of Design™. I am hopeful, my business is going to start running smoother as we implement these systems. I cannot wait to take all of these courses!

Karen Viscito
Mechanicsburg PA

So much useful content!

If you are looking to streamline your business and make it more efficient and successful without so much stress and anxiety over every project and client then Business of Design™ is for you. The website is easy to use and full of helpful videos and information that walk you step by step through each area of your business that can be improved. There is so much useful content….topics that you didn’t even realize you needed help with are included along with everything else you can think of to make your business run better. It’s a business and a life changer.

Brittany Stiles
Costa Mesa CA

My business will double this year at least!

I share this program with so many designers! e3wdbn I spent the first weekend I found the program going over the 15 steps…implemented them in my first appointment after and never looked back. Trades Day is the bomb! Even if a project doesn’t require the 15 steps (I do lots of staging projects) the “Trades Day” has been a hit with all! Also, that age-old question of “how do you work”, which translated means “how much is this going to cost me” is easily answered by never going out on a free consult. I implemented THAT right away as well. My business will double this year at least!

Pamela Sandall
Agoura Hills CA

Great resource, highly recommended!

All those questions you can’t find a good answer for are here, and I’ve even learned solutions for things I didn’t realize could be solved. Great resource, highly recommended! Much thanks to Kimberly and the team!

Leita Edwards
Vancouver BC

I owe You and BOD a huge THANK-YOU!!!

My business is doing so well, I am expanding into a larger office, adding staff and moving into the busy downtown core of Kitchener Waterloo right beside the brand new Google building. And although I have worked my tail off I must say I owe You and BOD a huge THANK-YOU!!!

Amanda Baechler
Kitchener ON

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My husband and I are on a mini vacation this weekend and I’m spending most of it watching the Business of Design™ courses, I can’t get enough! 2016 is going to be a major game changer for my business thanks to everything you’re teaching me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Brittany Stiles
Los Angeles CA

Thanks in advance for saving my career!

I am so glad I was invited to meet Kimberley Seldon. I read her books and know better now. Thanks in advance for saving my career and possibly my sanity!

Christine Phillips

The crowd loved her.

Kimberley recently presented at the International Window Coverings Expo in Los Vegas and she was a big hit! The crowd loved her.

Shannon Flaherty
Las Vegas

I got my mojo back!

I hired Kimberley 2 years ago, and it has been a great experience. I am much more confident, doubled my income and got my mojo back! It’s been incredibly helpful having a mentor to keep me on track and support me when you know what hits the fan. Best money ever spent! Highly recommend her coaching!

Ellen Walker
Red Deer AB

Things are moving in the right direction!

Hello BOD family! Here are few changes I have made: (1) I have implemented the 15 step process and formalized a contract. (2) Yep! I did it, I have taken my home office and moved it to Ottawa, within an engineer’s firm. This gives me access and or contact with other trades, and potential new work coming from that new business relationship. (3) I have redone my website. (4) I also raised my fees!

Things are moving in the right direction that is for sure, thanks to all of your support and inspiration to basically give me the bit of confidence to just do it.

Chantale Charette
Ottawa ON

The best thing I’ve done this year!

Honestly the best thing I’ve done this year for my business was to attend the Conference last year. I have gained 3 new clients from it and the full cost of the trip will have been paid back from the work I’ve been contracted for since. Secondly, I’m always continuing to connect with the ID community here with continuing education and networking through Fluff – where I recently handed out my own business card to help connect some Fluffians with the 1-2-3 Course. That connection helps me stay inspired and feel like I’m participating in my professional community.

Thanks for all you do!

Lisa Zak
Vancouver BC

Soooo excited for BOD15!

I have made changes to my business this year in 3 ways: (1) Scheduled time off in advance and stuck to it! (2) Began working with a business coach, and implemented strategies to understand my income and expenses more thoroughly. (3) Hired another staff member to release me from my least favourite daily and weekly tasks.

Soooo excited for BOD15!

LeAnne Bunnell
Calgary AB

I am working less and making more money.

With the help of my business coach I have started saying “NO” to any potential client or project that doesn’t fit my service offerings or ideal client profile or specific service offerings. It has made a world of difference! I currently love 90% of my clients and projects and most of my frustrations have completely disappeared. I am working less and making more money. A winning combination!

Lori Steeves
Vancouver BC

Wish the hour seminar was all day!

Wished the hour seminar, Business of Design™, was all day. Very informative, engaging & funny seminar. @kimberleyseldon. #hpmkt # hpmkt2015 (via Twitter)

Stacy T. Hall
North Ridge NC

I wouldn’t have had the confidence without BOD

Thank you so much for all of the information. That’s what I was looking for! Yes, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this project. I wouldn’t have had the confidence without BOD training. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Karen Thomas Moorman

An invaluable resource!

Having the ear and advice of someone who’s been there and done that before is an invaluable resource! Kimberley helped us gain clarity and a direction in both our day to day operations as well as some sage and sound advice and solutions for some particular case by case situations we were struggling with. We highly recommend the Business of Design™ coaching services – dollars wisely spent!

Bahia Taylor
Winnipeg MB

I have clients begging to be added to my waiting list.

I read your books in 2013. Since then I have been climbing the ladder resulting in my year 2017 being completely booked up from December 2016! And I have clients begging to be added to my waiting list. Thank you!!

Met vriendelijke groeten

Shanaz Razik

My business has tripled since I took Kimberley’s courses!

Kimberley’s Business of Design™ course has been vitally important to my interior design firm. She covers every part of the business aspect of interior design and decoration from business marketing, business strategy, invoicing, presentations, consultations and more. My business has tripled since I took Kimberley’s courses! I strongly recommend the Business of Design™ courses or any of Kimberley’s amazing presentations!

Jil Sonia Interiors

I was honestly blown away!

I had the pleasure of hiring Kimberley as our key note speaker at the 2012 Women in Biz Network Conference. Kimberley and her staff were a pleasure to work with. Her presentation of “10 Steps to Business Success” at the conference was inspiring, educational and honest. Her delivery exceeded my high expectations – I was honestly blown away by her talent.

Leigh Mitchell
Mississauga ON

Encouraging and Transparent

I have heard Kimberley speak at several professional development meetings for the Decorating and Design Industry. She is so encouraging and transparent. Her presentations are humourous, and informing and help us to see the light side of our profession. She has truly set the benchmark for all of us in this industry. I would recommend her any time.

Margo Young
Kitchener ON

Proud to be a BOD member!

Today I am even more confident and PROUD to be a BOD member. Kimberley is my coach and business partner, and BOD has my back.

Nikki Fisher Gigault
Milton ON

Worth every penny!

If you haven’t read Kimberley Seldon’s books or been to one of her seminars, (I just sat in one on contracts at High Point) I’d say it’s worth every penny. She’s an in-the-trenches designer who still makes her main income in our profession and I’m not receiving anything by endorsing her. I’ve had some pivotal revelations from her talks and her books.

Wanda S. Horton
Charlotte NC

She was awesome!

I attended Kimberley’s presentation and she was awesome!!

Johnsye White
Pinehurst NC

One phone session saved us years of trial and error!

Aysun, thanks for sharing your insights into the sales aspect of the business. So many tips are so easy to implement! Knowing specifically ‘what sells’ was information that would take us each decades to compile; I think the one phone session saved us years of trial and error!

Gloria Apostolou
Toronto ON

Love Business of Design™

I had a trade day (Step 3) and things went flawlessly – client was there and said, “I can’t even get the cable guy out, and you’ve got everyone here.” Thank you! Love Business of Design™! You made me look like a superstar!

Jil Sonia McDonald

THANK YOU for helping me see my value!

Kimberley, you are an inspiration. Business of Design™ is not only an investment in my company, but more importantly, it is an investment in myself, something you can’t put a price on. THANK YOU for helping me see my value!

Joanne Azelis Giannoulis
Toronto ON

It was worth EVERY penny!

We signed up for the 1-hour Sales Consultation Training with Aysun. It was worth EVERY penny! The tips and tricks learned from her wealth of experience has helped make a big improvement within my company. We’ve started to implement everything we learned and have already noticed an improvement in closing the consultations. Thank you Aysun!

Tina Marie Singh

I must say you really delivered!

Our Orange County ASID community so appreciated your presentation! We have had such accolades and great feedback from those in attendance, I must say you really delivered.

Veronica Lawrence
Orange County

Very well organized and explained.

The Flat Fee Webinar was wonderful – perfect! Very well organized and explained; Kimberley is a great teacher/speaker. I have read both of her books and am using the 15 Steps. Kimberley is an ideal supporter of how to run a successful design business.

Gail Monica Dent

Excellent webinar!

Excellent webinar! During the webinar, a contractor I’m working with was at my desk waiting for me to present a quote to a client. I told him to listen to what you had to say and take mental notes. He was so inspired, he felt relaxed and more confident to see the client and he used your exact words and the meeting was a success!

Evelyn Eshun
Toronto ON

Fun & Informative

Hi Kimberley! Yesterday’s Flat Fee webinar was fun and informative.

Crispin Butterfield
Vancouver BC