Loved BOD™ 15!

Shannon Christensen - Spokane Valley, WA

I finished the BOD™ 15-step course and loved it! Kimberley is so relatable and her advice is attainable. This program was a great place to start since I’m not creating much revenue yet and didn’t require a huge upfront cost to join.

Thank you!

Karin Kolb - Toronto, ON

Thank you!! BOD™ has drastically changed my business and my income!

Spreading professionalism

Kathy Brenner - San Calos, CA

You guys are great. I very much appreciate what you’re doing for the design community! I’ve been recommending BOD™ to lots of my peers hoping to spread professionalism and consistent processes near and far.

Coaching call

Laura + Sara - Miami, FL

Thank you again for sharing all of your wisdom and advice with us on our coaching call. After talking we immediately increased our consultation fee and hourly rate and have already booked two calls and a consultation, for which the client has already paid upfront! We’re so excited to continue implementing, and to see how it improves our business this year! Thank you again!!

Like Home!

Jessie Miller - St. Louis, MO

I am so so happy to be here, feels like home. 

A huge support

Ash Wilson - Dublin, IE

Wooo Hoo!! I have been listening to BOD™ for over 3 years now…..Why has it taken me so long to join? Both Kimberley & Cheryl have been a huge support for me in growing my business, thank you all the way from Ireland. I look forward to it all and I cannot wait for the first BOD™ live!

Unbelievably impressed!

Kindyl Younkin - Dana Point, CA

I am overwhelmed with the value Kimberley has brought me already!!! I have been listening to her podcast for a couple of years now and I finally decided to start my own business and become a member of BOD™. Every single module I go through I am just unbelievably impressed!! I am so thankful I have access to this! Total game changer!

Largest cheque ever!

Ellen Walker - Red Deer, AB

Received my largest cheque ever in my career for furnishings (or anything). Thanks to your system which I have followed every step with this project!! And I have been invited to the client’s home in Maui later this year! Thank you for putting this out there for everyone to learn from! 

Invaluable information

Alicia Savin - Vancouver, BC

I can’t begin to thank you enough for all the invaluable information. It’s truly been a game-changer. It took me over a year to go over and implement all the content (I literally watched everything while taking very detailed notes and putting them into action). I dedicated 1 hour a day to your course and sometimes I was doing it at 4 AM just to ensure that I made it a priority before I started my day. Big thanks. Truly. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Useful and greatly enjoyable

Tricia Cunningham - Manchester, UK

It’s been enormously useful and greatly enjoyable. I shall continue to apply the excellent principles and keep up with the podcast. Many thanks for the practical education and for all you do for the designer community.