Biggest check I’ve ever received

Alfie Rowan - Knoxville, TN

We worked really hard to follow the 15 steps and present three rooms to completion with all pricing and with a bid from our contractor. Do you know what they wanted to change?!?!! NOT ONE SINGLE THING.

And they handed me the single biggest check I’ve ever received at once from a client. Thank you Kimberley and this group for your wisdom and encouragement and for teaching me to be better and have confidence in my skills, but more importantly for giving us a roadmap on how to be successful! It really does work! (And yes, I even sat on my hands and shut my big mouth). After 15 years of doing it the hard way, I’m finally learning to be a BOD™ Boss! Hope this encourages other old dogs to learn new tricks. Thank you and Cheers!

The foundation of our firm

Yaron Linett - Stephens City, VA

The systems and processes of Business of Design™ are the foundation of our firm and are directly responsible for the level of success we have managed to achieve to date. So too will any future successes be built upon the foundation of Kimberley’s decades of knowledge, experience, and advice.

I wish I found BOD™ sooner

Michele Graham - Baldwinsville, NY

I wanted to say “Thank you!!” for the BOD™ 15 Step Project Management Program. I was so excited to finish that I couldn’t sleep and got up at 4:30 am this morning to finish up. It’s a game-changer – I wish I had found BOD™ sooner. My business has changed so much in the past year and enhanced project management specific to design projects is exactly what I needed.

OVER the moon!

M Duffy - Calgary, AB

“I FINISHED! I did it all. I didn’t realize that Step 1 would take that much time, but I managed to finish it all in 30 days! I made piles of notes and am OVER the moon with all this info! I am ecstatic, thank you so much. I will be enrolling in Membership for the rest of the BOD™ 15.

Invaluable to the growth of my business

Francesca Albertazzi - Vancouver, BC

What I have learned from BOD has been invaluable to the growth of my business. In large part that is in the confidence, I have gained from BOD in how to speak about my business, how to be transparent about my operations, and the knowledge that I am not alone in operating as I (now!) do.

I love soaking up everything

Heidi Helm - Ottawa, ON

I want to say THANK YOU to Kimberley and Cheryl for all of the efforts that you both put into this platform. Ever since graduating college in 2003, I have dreamed of having a kind, generous mentor and it is only now that I feel like I am finding that in Kimberley. I am so grateful for how generous you are with your wisdom and I love soaking up everything you are putting out into the world! I have so much design talent but have struggled with managing clients and projects like a boss … until now!

You’ve put money in my pocket

Jerrica Zaric - Milwaukee, WI

I just wanted to say how much value I have received from Business of Design®. I totally credit joining BOD™ for my recent wins. Within the first week of listening to the BOD15, I more than doubled my rates, I signed a few of my largest projects, and am making more money in design fees than I ever have. The best part is that Clients are loving it. Thank you so much for the money you’ve put in my pocket, the time now freed up for me to spend with my family, and for getting me out of my rut!

Never felt so connected.

Jodie Carter - Sydney, Australia

I love being a part of BOD. I have never felt so connected in the industry as I do now.

Best investment ever.

Joylene Agbamuche - Lekki, Lagos

BOD™ 15 Step Project Management Strategy was my best investment ever. Now I have the confidence and clarity to onboard new clients. My business has also witnessed tremendous growth.

I love BOD™

Lori Steinman - Washington, DC

I not only would recommend BOD to a friend…I HAVE recommended BOD™ to many friends. I love BOD™ and all I have learned from you, Kimberley. You are truly inspirational in your ability to articulate a great system in such a well-structured way as well as your generosity in sharing your courses, podcasts, and literature have been invaluable to me as I streamlined my business and increased my confidence. Thank you so very, very much!