I owe You and BOD a huge THANK-YOU!!!

Amanda Baechler - Kitchener ON

My business is doing so well, I am expanding into a larger office, adding staff and moving into the busy downtown core of Kitchener Waterloo right beside the brand new Google building. And although I have worked my tail off I must say I owe You and BOD a huge THANK-YOU!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Brittany Stiles - Los Angeles CA

My husband and I are on a mini vacation this weekend and I’m spending most of it watching the Business of Design™ courses, I can’t get enough! 2016 is going to be a major game changer for my business thanks to everything you’re teaching me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thanks in advance for saving my career!

Christine Phillips -

I am so glad I was invited to meet Kimberley Seldon. I read her books and know better now. Thanks in advance for saving my career and possibly my sanity!

The crowd loved her.

Shannon Flaherty - Las Vegas

Kimberley recently presented at the International Window Coverings Expo in Los Vegas and she was a big hit! The crowd loved her.

I got my mojo back!

Ellen Walker - Red Deer AB

I hired Kimberley 2 years ago, and it has been a great experience. I am much more confident, doubled my income and got my mojo back! It’s been incredibly helpful having a mentor to keep me on track and support me when you know what hits the fan. Best money ever spent! Highly recommend her coaching!

Things are moving in the right direction!

Chantale Charette - Ottawa ON

Hello BOD family! Here are few changes I have made: (1) I have implemented the 15 step process and formalized a contract. (2) Yep! I did it, I have taken my home office and moved it to Ottawa, within an engineer’s firm. This gives me access and or contact with other trades, and potential new work coming from that new business relationship. (3) I have redone my website. (4) I also raised my fees!

Things are moving in the right direction that is for sure, thanks to all of your support and inspiration to basically give me the bit of confidence to just do it.

The best thing I’ve done this year!

Lisa Zak - Vancouver BC

Honestly the best thing I’ve done this year for my business was to attend the Conference last year. I have gained 3 new clients from it and the full cost of the trip will have been paid back from the work I’ve been contracted for since. Secondly, I’m always continuing to connect with the ID community here with continuing education and networking through Fluff – where I recently handed out my own business card to help connect some Fluffians with the 1-2-3 Course. That connection helps me stay inspired and feel like I’m participating in my professional community.

Thanks for all you do!

Soooo excited for BOD15!

LeAnne Bunnell - Calgary AB

I have made changes to my business this year in 3 ways: (1) Scheduled time off in advance and stuck to it! (2) Began working with a business coach, and implemented strategies to understand my income and expenses more thoroughly. (3) Hired another staff member to release me from my least favourite daily and weekly tasks.

Soooo excited for BOD15!

I am working less and making more money.

Lori Steeves - Vancouver BC

With the help of my business coach I have started saying “NO” to any potential client or project that doesn’t fit my service offerings or ideal client profile or specific service offerings. It has made a world of difference! I currently love 90% of my clients and projects and most of my frustrations have completely disappeared. I am working less and making more money. A winning combination!

Wish the hour seminar was all day!

Stacy T. Hall - North Ridge NC

Wished the hour seminar, Business of Design™, was all day. Very informative, engaging & funny seminar. @kimberleyseldon. #hpmkt # hpmkt2015 (via Twitter)