2015 Business of Design™ Conference Agenda featured image

2015 Business of Design™ Conference Agenda

November 18, 2014

Here’s a taste of what to expect at the 2015 Business of Design™ Conference!

We are continuously updating this agenda as we work to bring you the very best in your business development! Remember to check back often for the latest!

2015 Conference Workshops:

Get out of the middle with Kimberley Seldon

Wanna rev up that clunky business model? Then stop playing it safe and move to one side or the other. Make a bold choice at this year’s conference and you’ll accelerate profits, profile and procedures. Watch your business v’room!

Workshop: Course exercises will be provided and you will leave with a plan of action for 2015.

Transform your relationship to $$

Step boldly into the money zone. Women and people pleasers (yes, we know we are generalizing) have a lot of hang-ups when it comes to money.  Instead of seeing your design services as taking money from your clients, it’s critical to view your skills as adding value to their lives. Let your “issues” go and enjoy the life you were meant to lead.

Workshop: Course exercises will be provided and you will leave with an in-depth outline of the value you provide.

More Clients, More Media: How Marketing can Catapult your Profile

You need a marketing plan. Yes, you. Learn the Immediate marketing strategies you need to implement now – from one of Canada’s most successful marketers.

Workshop: You will leave with a 2015 marketing plan tailored to your needs. 

Why We is Better than Me with Kimberley Seldon

Still going it alone? There is a better way.  Surround yourself with the partners/systems you need to succeed.

Workshop: Identify 10 strategies to ensure you always know what to say, what to do and how to act. 

Panel: If I knew then what I know now… 

3 successful design professionals reveal where they went wrong, what they learned and what they would tell anyone who wants to succeed.

Designer Math:Targeted Profits  with Kimberley Seldon

Kimberley shares a specific formula to turn your desired profits into a reality.

Workshop: You’ll calculate how many clients you need to meet your financial goals. NOTE: This is not a repeat of filling the client pipeline. This is financial planning for the professional designer.

LIVE Mentoring with Kimberley Seldon

Have a burning question or dilemma that is affecting your business AND your life? This segment will answer it. *Submit your questions at any time after you register.