BOD™ LIVE | Palm Springs

We know ... we're all stuck at home. Sigh. However, Team BOD™ is inviting you to visit Palm Springs (without leaving your home). Take in the local sights, tour a cool project and hang out with Christopher Kennedy!

Don't miss out on this burst of sunshine.

BOD™ LIVE | Book Club

If you know Kimberley, you know this is the book that started it all—E-MYTH. Join BOD™ for its first book club meeting. This BOD™ LIVE event will focus on the teachings found in Michael E. Gerber's seminal book, The E-myth. Gerber’s suggestions to create systems in order to run your business and save your sanity are a founding principle of what we teach at Business of Design™.

You do not have to buy the book to participate. BOD™ Live events are included with your membership.

BOD™ Elite Retreat | Santa Monica 2021

We're feeling optimistic about 2021 so, let's get a date on the calendar!

Step out of the daily grind, gain a new perspective, grow your business and connect with your community of peers.

BOD™ Elite Retreat Santa Monica emphasizes learning, and will also feed your soul with home tours, design lessons and experience-sharing—resulting in a new way of thinking and renewed enthusiasm for your business and your life.