Calling all design professionals—interior designers, decorators, stagers, stylists, landscapers, architects and other creative professionals. Don’t miss out on Business of Design™ professional events. In addition to our 24/7 x 365 online learning platform, BOD™ hosts frequent live events designed to inspire, energize and motivate busy design professionals just like you.



Yes, so much has changed, and suddenly. What doesn’t change, ever, is the entrepreneur’s determination to create and the commitment we have at Business of Design™ to help you, the hard working interior design professional, do just that. Yes, you can satisfy clients, you can be profitable, and you can build the future you desire […]

BOD™ Interior Design Packages | MAY 29

Providing enticing packages allows clients to see up front the myriad services you provide. From entry-level new clients to high-end luxury clients—make it easy for anyone to buy your services. In this 2-hour webinar, lead by BOD™ Advocate in Chief, Kimberley Seldon you will learn where to start when considering packages, how to build an enticing package, and how to price your offerings.

BOD™ Member Group Coaching | JUNE 24

You are not alone. As a PREMIUM Member of Business of Design™, you have access to Kimberley as your mentor and coach. Use these invaluable monthly group coaching sessions to clarify your understanding of systems, build your confidence to implement new policies and get your real life project issues resolved. Registration for the next session is open.

BOD™ Boot Camp Webinar Series | RECORDED

BOD™ Boot Camp is over, but it’s not too late to catch up. You can still access the webinar recordings, the follow up Q&A videos, plus all the handouts and templates. Click here to catch up. At Business of Design™, the success and well-being of our members and the industry as a whole is our […]


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Want more?

Annually, you can count of BOD™ to host our Business of Design™ Elite Retreat in awesome locations like Santa Monica and Palm Springs. If you want to be catapulted to a new level of professionalism, this is the immersion you need. We also host at Business of Design™ Conference at Las Vegas Market each January. Priced to entice designers of every level of business savvy, the BOD™ conference is guaranteed to fast track your design career and inspire you for the year ahead. No theory allowed. You’ll work hard and reap the benefits.

In addition to BOD™ annual events, our Advocate in Chief, Kimberley Seldon takes the stage twice a year at High Point Market for free events and even paid seminars.  If you love to travel, look for trips abroad beginning in 2020. Team BOD™ is eager to meet you at our face-to-face live events. Surrounded yourself with highly motivated design professionals who mean it when they say, “Design is my business.”

The Team BOD™ travel schedule got a whole lot busier with the addition of Business of Design™ Chapter meetings throughout North America and Australia.

Remember, when you need solid business advice and you need it right now, BOD™ has everything in one convenient location—online. As a member, you’ll enjoy thousands of video design courses, interior design specific business courses and monthly, group coaching calls.

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