BOD™ LIVE | Hybrid Model

Join us for this month's BOD Live where we talk about working on a hybrid model contract. 

More and more members are asking about it, so let's answer your most pressing question about charging a flat fee up until the presentation, and then switching over to hourly fees for project management. What are some benefits of working with this method? How does the retainer work in this case? And how to do explain this method in your contract. 

Come prepared with your questions, share your own experience, and support your fellow BOD™ Members.

The Case Conference

This empowering event recognizes the value of diverse perspectives and talents, providing a supportive environment where attendees can gain invaluable knowledge, establish connections, and foster growth. The Case Conference is not just a gathering; it's a necessary catalyst for the advancement of designers of color, ensuring they have the tools and resources to thrive in the dynamic world of interior design.