BOD™ LIVE | Goal Setting with Sierra Collins

Before you dig into goal setting, BOD™ Business Partner Sierra Collins, has identified 5 areas that you must have clarity around in order to be more intentional in your life. Take a minute before joining the group to think these through and be ready to share. 

LAS VEGAS MARKET | No More Negotiating

Who has more experience running a design firm, you or your clients? You, of course. So why would you allow clients to dictate terms that have an immediate and sometimes unpleasant effect on you and your team? Learn how to set and maintain clear and firm boundaries when it comes to fees, margins, work order and process.

AUSTRALIA | BOD™ 15 2-Day Intensive

An intensive 2-day seminar where interior design professionals learn specific, detailed systems, protocols, and strategies to successfully run projects, improve profitability and satisfy clients.

In partnership with BOD™ Member, Jodie Carter, and hosted by Boyd Blue.

BOD™ Elite Retreat | Charleston 2023

Want to make 2023 your best year yet? Start planning now! Join Kimberley and Team BOD™ for BOD™ Elite Retreat | Charleston & Savannah. Strengthen your brain, fuel your business and feed your soul.

BOD™ BOSS Group 2023

BOD™ BOSS delivers sage guidance, a strategic agenda, peer support and accountability. Why? Because you want more profit, fine-tuned systems, happier clients, a thriving career and most importantly, a reliably successful future.

Next group launches August 2023. First meeting in October 2023.